A Mac User Group Contest, 2008-Style: “Where in the World is Tropical Software’s TopXNotes?


At the Apple Store, that’s where. But not just any Apple store, yet! TopXNotes is being trial marketed at the 38 largest Apple stores. If successful you can expect it to be at more Apple stores in 2008.

To celebrate the arrival of special version of Tropical Software’s TopXNotes in Apple Stores, Tropical’s James Lee is running a contest for Mac User Group members. If you are the one of the first five people to send Jim a photo of you, in any U.S. Apple Store (must be obvious from the background) holding a boxed copy of TopXNotes (see the box shots here so you know what you’re looking for), you will win a free copy of the special Apple version of TopXNotes for yourself and one for your group, along with a Tropical Software TopXNotes t-shirt.

Jim has already had awarded software to the winners in the 2007 version of the contest, but with the New Year comes a new chance to win, so visit your local Apple Store soon and ask where the TopXNotes boxes are.

The rules are simple:

1. Get to the Apple Store with your digital camera, find TopXNotes and take the photo. (Again, it must be obvious that you’re in an Apple Store)

2. Email the digital photo to Jim Lee ([email protected]). (Hint: Apple Stores have internet access…take your MacBook or MacBook Pro)

3. In the email, include your name, mailing address, user group’s name and URL, and preferred t-shirt size. Incomplete entries will not be accepted for prize eligibility.

4. Only one winner per Apple Store will be selected.

5. The date and time of your entry will be determined by the Tropical Software email program. Acceptability of the photos, whether they are taken at the Apple Store and whether they clearly show the Tropical Software box are solely determined by Tropical Software.

6. All submissions become the property of Tropical Software, and may be posted to their Apple Store Web Gallery.

7. Contest open to all U.S. Stores.

8. Limited t-shirt size selection.

9. Use of the contestant’s name, associated Mac User Group’s name and submitted photo by Tropical Software are conditions of accepting the prize.

9. The contest starts NOW! (Remember, the 38 largest Apple stores. We think this is the 45 foot stores, plus the Flagship Stores).

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