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Andy Ihnatko’s Annual Visit to the Colorado Macintosh Users Group

On Thursday, April 8, Chicago-Sun Times columnist and MacNotable Andy Ihnatko will continue his string of annual visits to the Colorado Macintosh Users Group (CoMUG). This time around, the team at CoMUG are expecting Andy’s presentation to be all about the iPad…but with Andy, one never knows for sure. In any event, it promises to […]

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The MUG Event Calendar for March 15: Apple’s Dave Marra, Peter Christenson of Strider Software, Prosoft Engineering, Suzanne Cabellero of Endicia and More

This week’s MUG Event Calendar features a wide variety of topics, presentations and guests. Apple’s Dave Marra continues his user group presentation run at a Maryland group, and Prosoft Engineering, too long absent from The MUG Event Calendar, will be presenting to a California group. California would seem to be the place to be this […]

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The Macworld Podcast Discusses The State of Mac User Groups

The latest edition of The Macworld Podcast features host Christopher Breen and MUG Center editor Chuck Joiner discussing the state of Mac User Groups. The absence of user group activities at Macworld 2010 and some other changes have led some to question the viability of Mac User Groups. Chris and Chuck discuss the perceptions, evolution […]

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SF Cutters Celebrate 10th Anniversary at Adobe

On March 11, SF Cutters, the San Francisco Final Cut Pro Users Group, will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a special meting and party at Adobe. The event will feature not only the requisite celebratory activities, but also s special session of “Stump the Gurus with Kevin Monahan, Jesse Spencer, Karl Soule, Sean Safreed and […]

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The MUG Event Calendar for March 8: Bill Atkinson, Bryan Chaffin, and Vern Seward of TMO, Apple’s Dave Marra, Chuck Joiner, Tropical Software, Mapdiva, SoundTree, YELP, and More

One of the most star-studded schedules we’ve seen in quite some time is on deck this week on The MUG Event Calendar. Original Macintosh Team member and nature photographer Bill Atkinson will visit a California group to show off his latest project while Apple Senior System Engineer Dave Marra will present to a New Jersey […]

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