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Switcher Ideas for Your Mac User Group

Your group can leverage Apple's "Switcher" campaign to attract Windows users to the Mac and to your group. The Apple User Group Leader Bulletin has featured some ideas from Apple User Group Advisory Board member Warren Williams on the subject:

  • Invite a recently "switched" member of your group to describe the experience of switching to the Mac and the reasons he/she is glad to be a Mac user. Include a discussion of really cool things that Mac users take for granted.

  • Start a switcher special interest group (hopefully, run by a switcher).

  • Partner with a PC user group in your area. Have a combined meeting to cover how Macs and Windows PCs can live in harmony (especially with Mac OSX). Given how well the Mac integrates into our digital lifestyles, we're betting that you'll get some PC users interested in adding a Mac to their house or even switching outright.

  • Do a "Switcher's Night" and highlight applications that work on both Windows and Mac (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Quicken, etc.).

  • Do a demo of Detto Technologies' Move2Mac. Encourage members to bring Windows-using friends and family.

Some other resources from to help you include:, Inc.

Apple iTunes, Inc.
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