User Group University Faculty - New York 2001

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User Group University - NYC 2001
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The distinguished faculty of the third User Group University

New York, NY 2001

Chris Bastian
New York Macintosh Alliance

Chris Bastian is the President of the Metropolitan New York Macintosh Alliance (MetroMac), a new community for Mac users in New York City. In past years, he has served as an Officer of NYMUG, Washington Apple Pi and the Big Apple Users Group. In the real world, he does transportation planning and end-user computer support for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Richard A. Calicura
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group

Rick retired after 32 years in Criminal Justice in 1991 with 10 years at the Los Angeles County Probation Department and 22 years with the Contra Costa County Probation Department. His interest in computers began in 1980 with a Timex Sinclair. His Macintosh career began with a used Mac 512k, and continued into starting a consulting business which he still runs.His user group positions have included Secretary, Vice President, Board Member and four terms as President. He is currently the Apple Ambassador for DVMUG.

Alfred E. Darby III
Bay Area Mac Users Group

Al bought his first Macintosh in 1988, a "portable" SE, and has enjoyed the platform ever since. He owns a collection of Macs which includes his earliest model to the latest dual processor G4.

Prior to moving to Florida in March 2001 and joining Bay Area MUG in Largo/Clearwater, Al was President of Lewiston/Auburn MUG (LAMUG) in Auburn, Maine. He also served this large and active group as Technical Advisor for two years and as Membership Director for one year. He is a two-year member of the Association of Macintosh Trainers and is also a member of the Apple Developer's Connection. Al is currently employed as a Unix System Administrator for IBM in Largo, Florida.

As a regular attendee and volunteer for Macworld Expos over the years, he continues to enjoy the community atmosphere that all Macintosh users share.

Kyle D'Addario
The Mac Observer

Kyle first started using a Macintosh in 1991, and quickly fell in love with the platform. Kyle was one of the original members of the Webintosh Web site, and now hold the Assistant Editor position at The Mac Observer. Kyle started using OS X on a full-time basis with the release of the Public Beta in late summer of 2000. As his bio states in the weekly Hot Cocoa column at The Mac Observer, which he co-authors, "...he has logged as much time on OS X as humanly possible." Kyle as studied Computer-Mediated Communication at both the Masters and Ph.D. level, and has taught classes on that topic at both Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Brian Duck
Ford Macintosh Users Group

I've been a Mac 'fanatic' since about 1987. I was quite enchanted by the 'new' computer from Apple & decided to attend a user group meeting. I thought, "if it's anything like the excitement I felt at the AppleFest, it would be worth going." I attended my first SD-MUG (San Diego Macintosh User Group) meeting then, and didn't miss one, without kicking & screaming, until I left Southern California in 1992.

Since leaving California, I've spent 7 years working at Ford. During that time, I became involved with MacTechnics and the Ford Macintosh User Group (FordMUG). I started working on the newsletter of the Ford Apple Club, as it was a group of Apple II users ;-) We expanded the membership from 50 -> 350 in a span of a couple of years.

I was asked to provide leadership as the President, and we transitioned into the Ford Macintosh User Group. We had a BBS on the Ford email system, and later our own website. We also started an Internet SIG, which spun off as the Ford Quantum Netsurfers (Internet User Group), who's size made the changes in the MUG look tiny.

"I'm currently the webmaster for both groups & product review coordinator for FordMUG."

Lorin Evans
Washington Apple Pi

Lorin Evans is an Apple User Group Advisory Board Member and president of Washington Apple Pi, Washington, DC since 1994. Lorin has been involved in Apple user groups since 1992. His first Apple computer was an Apple II+. Lorin’s professional background is in congressional/executive legislative affairs.

Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi

Pat is the Tutorial Coordinator and head instructor for Washington Apple Pi. She not only works with the all the instructors, but is also instrumental in the creation of the classes that will be taught along with the handout given to the students at each class. Pat also runs the Computer Summer Camps for the organization and works as an independent Macintosh Consultant

"I am the tutorial coordinator for WAP and teach many of the classes. While the program was previously established, we have completely revitalized it when I came on-board. Our classes are now one of our major money making activites. The classes are small and inexpensive compared to alternative courses offered in our area. Since I develop most of the handouts, I feel uniquely qualified to teach ways to make QuickTime tutorial movies, handouts, etc. We have also refurbished the whole lab and are looking to establish either a mobile lab or resize the reclamation project to claim back our other classrooms. We also offer summer camps for kids, teens, teachers, and seniors."

Sandy Foderick
VMug (AOL Keyword: vmug)

Sandy is a founding officer and current president of AOL's original user group, board member at the User Group Network and former Chancellor of AOL's User Group Learning Center. She has met and worked with user groups across the United States and is president of Virtual Mac and speaker chair for Mini'App'Les' main meetings. When not busy with user groups, Sandy is an adjunct Professor of Philosophy and a mom of four.

Amaya Gergoff
Caracas Macintosh Users Group

Amaya has been president of Caracas Macintosh User Group for over four years. She is a System Engineer and Webmaster at, a major Internet Service Provider in Venezuela. She also belongs to the Apple Regional Liaison Team for Central and South America. Amaya is working on the project,, which serves as a Macintosh User Group (MUG) center for Latin American and other Spanish-speaking
countries. She also hosts a monthly user group chat, conducted in Spanish, on World Without Borders.

Gail Murphy Glore

Gail bought her first Mac to complete her senior thesis at Norwich University and, at the same time, joined her first Mac user group. As past President of MacChamp, she left the group and founded WiredWomen to create "...a place where women could ask their questions and problem solve in an atmosphere more suited to their needs." Gail is also a member of Apple's User Group Advisory Board as editor of the Newsletter and recently became the Northeast UGU content coordinator. In her day job, Gail is the registrar and database manager for "Hot Topics in Neonatology," an annual global conference of over 1500 neonatologists held in Washington DC every December. In her (spare?) time, Gail trains in Taiko drumming with the Burlington Taiko Club.

Michael Henigan
Atlanta Macintosh User Group

Mike has been a Mac user since the early days of the Mac Plus. He has recently been “Cubed” and is very happy with it. He has been a member of the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group (AMUG) for several years and currently serves as their Chairman. Mike attended his first MacWorld and UGU last year and is proud to serve as faculty of this Years University and as a MacWorld Guide. Michael has been a meeting/event planner for numerous years and manages a One Hour Photo Lab.

Kelly Hilliard
Atlanta Macintosh User Group

Kelly Hilliard is one of those people who used a Mac when it only had 128K of memory! He has progressed from those early days to an iMac DV and being a very active member of the Macintosh Community. He has been serving as Treasurer of the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group for 2 years and attended the first User Group University in New York. Kelly is on staff at Georgia State University in the Computer Operations Department and has been there just as long as the Macintosh has been around!

Chuck Joiner
Hershey Apple Core

Chuck has been an active member of the user group community since before the Macintosh. In addition to chairing Apple's User Group Advisory Board, he is the User Group Correspondent to The Mac Show, co-host of The User Group Report, Editor-In-Chief of The MUG Center, and President of his local user group, The Hershey Apple Core. Professionally, Chuck is Vice President of The Insurance Alliance of Central PA, with 20 years in the Claims division of the industry.

Heidi Kreiner-Ley
Loyal Ontario Group Intereseted in Computers

Heidi joined (LOGIC) in Toronto, Canada, shortly after buying her first Macintosh. She joined the Board of Directors that same year and now serves as Meeting Coordinator and Treasurer. In her working life, Heidi is a Real Estate Agent, Property Manager and Developer. She is also a spokesperson for a provincial educational group and a local environmental group.

Jed Mark
Diablo valley Mac Users Group

Jed Mark has been president of Diablo Valley Mac Users Group (DVMUG) for two years. During this time, his group has grown from 295 to 580 members. After a career in the savings & loan industry, Jed formed a mortgage company and acquired a Lisa to run the business. He soon traded the Lisa for some original Apples and progressed from there. Jed's current occupations are salmon fishing, golf, travel, grandfathering and DVMUG.

David Ottalini
Washington Apple PI

Dave Ottalini is the VP for Publicity of Washington Apple Pi. A long-time
WAP member, Dave got his start in computers using the Apple /// and
continues to answer questions about the SARA from users all over the world.
He is currently working on an Apple /// CD for WAP. Dave owns a G-3 enhanced
PowerMac 6400 and a number of other Macs much to the consternation of his
wife. Dave is a Journalist by trade. For fun, he writes the Mac-half of a
weekly PC-Mac Q&A column called "Doubleclick" in the local suburban Journal
Newspapers. In real life, Dave is a Senior Producer for CNN's affiliate

Scott Pelok

Dr. Pelok is currently the director of Instructional Computing at the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry. Scott and his wife, Geri Durka-Pelok, developed an interactive program, “Use of Digital Video as a supplemental tool in the education of health care students” that won the 2001 Smithsonian Computerworld award. Scott was also recognized with a 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld award for development of an online treatment planning program for dental students, created in conjunction with Drs Fasbinder and Shotwell at the School of Dentistry. The Instructional Computing Unit (ICU) utilizes a series of Macintosh G4 for creating and editing educational video and developing programs.

Scott’s interest in computers goes back to his undergraduate days when all programs were written and stored on cassette tapes. His first personal computer was an Apple //e. Right in the middle of writing his master thesis, the computer shut down. Armed with a VOM and an oscilloscope, he fixed the computer by replacing a 14-cent timing chip. That original Apple //e is stilling working today. Currently, he is fluent in HTML, XML, Javascript, Quicktime and a series of other web based languages and programs. His personal computer to day is a PowerBook G3- 500mHz with 256 megs of RAM and
a 20 GIG HD.

Geri Pelok

Apple devotee since 1985 (and yes, it has been that long) and a member of Mactechnics, Ann Arbor, MI, for the last three years acting as the Director-at-Large (i.e. major gopher). Previous years in Vermont, found her functioning as the Vice-President (1996) and as editor/gopher (1996 – 1998) of the Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group based in St. Johnsbury, VT.

Currently, Geri is a part-time graduate student in the School of Information, University of Michigan, learning how to handle users, interfaces, and navigational systems for medical information/education. She is a full-time Research Assistant on the Visible Human Project creating the user interfaces and advanced architectures involved in bringing the human voxel database to a useful and usable form.

Winner of a 2001 Computerworld Smithsonian Laureate along with husband, Dr. Scott Pelok , and Prof. Thomas Gest (and thank you to Steve Jobs and Apple for the nomination!), she has worked on creating interactive multimedia now archived in the historical archives of the Smithsonian Institution. Lastly, Geri is the absolute, proud owner of a G3 powerbook that is the solid base for every piece of media constructed in her work and graduate courses. Despite long hours, and being dropped multiple times (thank you, Apple Engineering & Design crews!), it handles every application with grace and speed.

Lynn Poos
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group

Lynn E. Poos is Secretary/Treasurer of the Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group, Inc. (SMMUG) in Colorado Springs, CO, the largest active MUG in the State of Colorado. He became involved with the Mac in the late 1980's, and has been a strong supporter since. In the spring of 2001, Lynn was appointed to the Regional Liaison Team as the Liaison for the South Central United States.

Lynn retired in 1993 after thirty-four years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and moved to Colorado to relax. He immediately became active in SMMUG, and was selected to be their corporate Secretary/Treasurer. Relaxation was an alien concept and he too soon found many others things to do. He was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Colorado Springs Liquor and Beer Licensing Board, where he served until term limited in June 2001. Concurrently, he was appointed by the County Commissioners to the Juvenile Community Review Board for the Fourth Judicial District, which he chaired until he was appointed, in 1998, by Governor Owens to chair the Juvenile Parole Board for the State of Colorado, a position he currently holds.
e active in SMMUG.

Garr Reynolds
Apple User Group Program Manager

Garr is well known in the community as the past president of the Kinki MUG Group (KMUG) in Osaka Japan, a faculty member of two User Group Universities and as the User Group Regional Liaison to Asia. Now Garr has joined Apple as the new User Group Program Manager. His most recent position was with Sumitomo Electric where he was a communications specialist and trainer. He has an M.A. in Organizational Communication from the University of Hawaii and is an experienced speaker on issues such as leadership, cross-cultural management, and design and branding.

Lorene Romero
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

Lorene has been the President of NCMUG for 3 years. She began 6 years ago as a new member who volunteered to help with a fundraising event. She serves on Apple's User Group Advisory Board as "Vendor Queen," working with vendors to improve relations and negotiate MUG discounts. It has become something she loves because everyone wins. In spite of an educational background in Clinical Psychology and12 years in the Mental Health field, she decided to work with computers.

David Roemer
Apple Student Core @ Emory, Emory University

David swears he's been bleeding six colors ever since he was a little kid. Apple Campus Rep by day, user group president by night, David will be a senior at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is studying at the Goizueta Business School and is still trying to convince his advisor that Apple should be a major. Earlier this year, David's group organized the campus' first iMovie contest.

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