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The User Group Report Archives - 2004

Guests & Summary
420 Adam Engst of TidBITS, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Great MUG Graphics Part 3 with Lesa Snider, Vendor Offers & 2004 Wrap-Up

Our final show of the year discusses a user group program that has just dellivered enough quality meeting topics for the full first quarter of next year, a brand new Macworld Conference & Expo attraction, and the final installment in the series on how to make your user group look good. (#420)

Adam Engst of TidBITS talks about the three new Take Control ebooks his team has delivered in December, how they make perfect MUG meeting topics, and the benefits of the TidBITS User Group Program.
Brian Rothschild, the Executive Director of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, profiles this first-time attraction at Macworld Conference & Expo, how the bus was recently refitted with the help of Apple, and what it brings to students who are interested in getting their hands on professional-level recording equipment.

Lesa Snider of The Graphic Reporter finishes up her "Great MUG Graphics" series to help your user group look better in print and on the web.
419 Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group, More Great MUG Graphics with Lesa Snider, User Group Offers, Holiday MUG Activities & More

Our feature guest talks about how his Final Cut Pro User Group found a new home, and we have more tips on how your group can improve their graphic images, no matter what the use. Vendor deals for MUGs, user group news and a Macworld Expo update round out this edition. (#419)

Michael Horton Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group joins us to talk about a recent meeting location challenge his group faced, and how they turned the problem into and opportunity.
Lesa Snider, a MUG Center Contributing Editor, continues her "Great MUG Graphics" series with more tips on looking good for your MUG, and updates us on her new web site, The Graphic Reporter.
Guy Kawasaki, Great MUG Graphics with Lesa Snider, The User Group Report Podcast & More

We talk to a legendary Apple evangelist and personality, start recreating a lost User Group Leadership Conference session to help your group look good graphically, announce our new podcasting option, cover MUG news, offers and more.

Guy Kawasaki, venture capitalist, author and former Apple Evangelist talks about his new book, The Art of the Start, and how concepts such as partnering and branding relate to starting and improving any organization, including Macintosh User Groups.
Lesa Snider, a MUG Center Contributing Editor, starts the first in a series of discussions about "Great MUG Graphics," the session she taught at the User Group Leadership Conference that didn't get recorded, and discusses her new web site, The Graphic Reporter.
417 FileMaker Pro Expert Jonathan Stars, Jen Shelby of Signature Leadership & More

We talk with a noted author who specializes in FileMaker Pro, and why he's talking to user groups, and post our third in a series of professional leadership training for MUG leaders.

Jonathan Stars Jonathan Stars, author of "Learn FileMaker Pro 7," talks about the latest edition of the Mac's #1 database program, how and why he has been involved with user groups, and how MUGs can use FileMaker in their operations.
Jen Shelby Jen Shelby, professional leadership trainer and coach, of Signature Leadership returns to continue discussions of user group motivation and leader training. This time around, Jen gives us some homework and offers personalized assistance to MUG leaders.

416 ApplePickers Film Festival, Back-To-School Campus Group Meetings & Canadian Macintosh User Groups

A regional film festival with a special guest presenter and judge, ideas for fall meetings of campus user groups, the month's MUG -only vendor deals, and a new, regular feature: user groups from the Canadian perspective.

Bob McLaughlin of ApplePickers talks about their upcoming second annual Film Festival, what they learned from the first event, how this one is new and improved, why the next one will be even better, and how they created some extra synergy by snagging a judge who just happens to be an enthusiastic MUG fan and presenter.
Evan Chaney of the Apple Campus Group Advisory Board reports on some of the activities campus groups have planned as they return to school and kick-start their organizations for the upcoming year, and provides ideas for groups who haven't finalized their schedules.
Jim Foster of Macintosh Users East discusses his work in organizing a current database of Canadian Macintosh User Groups, how Canadian MUGs will benefit, and did at Macworld in Boston. and joins the User Group Report as our regularly appearing Canadian Correspondent.

415 The User Group Report: ClubExpress, The Brigham Young University Mac Users Group, DL Expo Discounts & More

Looking for a way to streamline your group's dues collection, membership renewals and web site? The answer might be in this edition, along with information and commentary from the campus group community, user group opportunities at a new Expo, and more.

Dan Ehrmann
Dan Ehrmann of ClubExpress outlines the operational tools his company can provide to clubs of all kinds, including Macintosh User Groups, to make the administration of the organization easier. Dues collection, credit card processing, fully functional web sites with members-only access and more are all included at a price any group can afford.
Andrew Jacobs Andrew Jacobs of the Brigham Young University Mac Users Group profiles his group as the semester starts, talks about why Macs are popular with students even if not with the university, and how they will be offering video meeting archives to their members.


The Apple User Group Program, Apple Network Manager's Association, MUG Deals & More

In this edition we take an in-depth look at the Apple User Group program, and what it can offer your group, talk with the leader of a brand new MUG, outline the latest vendor deals for user group members, and more.

Charles Edge of the new Apple Network Managers Association in Los Angeles gives us a look at his brand new user group, what inspired them to specialize, and how they are taking advantage of various resources to get things off the ground.
The Apple User Group Program is the first place any user group, new or old, should look for resources and support. We take an in-depth look at all aspects of the program so that your group is fully informed on what is available.


Jen Shelby of Signature Leadership, Vendor Offers & Macworld Wrap-Up on The User Group Report

The second in a series of leadership discussions from a professional standpoint, vendor offers just for MUGs, and a wrap-up of Macworld Conference & Expo in Boston.

Jen Shelby
Jen Shelby, professional leadership trainer and coach, of Signature Leadership makes her second appearance on The User Group Report, to continue discussions of motivation in user groups.


The Macworld/UGLC Planning Team, Peachpit Press User Group Program & Colorado MUG's Meeting Broadcasts

The team that puts together the user group events at Macworld Expo, including the User Group Leadership Conference, an overview of a vendor's user group program by a departing manager, and how one innovative group is giving the world access to their meetings start off July.

Macworld Expo
The Macworld/User Group Leadership Conference Planning Team gives a comprehensive summary of all of the user group events going on in Boston for Macworld Expo Week, and tells you why you and your group should be involved.
Susan Nixon of UGLC sponsor Peachpit Press discusses their user group program, what it offers, and how to get involved. Susan is moving on to new opportunities, but assures us that the program is alive, well and in good hands.
Mark McDaniel of the Colorado Macintosh User Group profiles his group, talks about how they broadcast (audio and video) their monthly meetings over the Internet, and how you can attend, even if you're not a member.
411 Jen Shelby of Signature Leadership, Total Training & MUG Events at Macworld Expo on The User Group Report

User group leadership training from a professional perspective, user group support from a leading vendor of training solutions, and a preview of the MUG events during Macworld Expo week are included in this edition.
Jen Shelby
Jen Shelby, professional leadership trainer and coach, of Signature Leadership, joins the User Group Report as a regular correspondent. Jen will be talking about leadership from a higher level, professional perspective. To start the series, Jen provides some insight on the topic of motivation in user groups.
Brian Hoffman of Total Training talks about his company's products, and how they are supporting user groups with a variety of resources, including meeting materials, raffle items and more.
Macworld Expo Group Vice President and Conference Chairperson, and the Rogue Valley Mac Expo on The User Group Report

Two Macintosh Expos, one regional and one international, are spotlighted in this edition.
Warwick Davies, Group Vice President for IDG World Expo talks about the special relationship user groups enjoy with Macworld Expo, why he and members of his team have been out visiting local MUGS, and some of the new offerings that attendees can expect in Boston.
Paul Kent, the Conference Chairperson for Macworld Expo - Boston 2004 outlines the multiple conference tracks available at the July show, why they are better than ever, and how different events and content are being integrated into the conference program.
Chris Kiltz of the Josephine County Macintosh Users Group tells us about her group's upcoming Rogue Valley Mac Expo, their presenters from Adobe and Apple, and how they partnered with the local Chamber of Commerce to improve the third iteration of this annual event.
409 Vendor Deals from Adobe International Training Conference, Steel Blue Sky, Monthly MUG Deals, News & More on The User Group Report

A variety of vendor deals, offers and services, user group activites at Macworld Expo and The MacDesign Conference, along with MUG news and more are featured in this edition.

Rod Harlan, Executive Director of The Digital Video Professionals Association, gives us the heads-up on saving $100 and having the DVPA help subsidize your hotel for a holiday weekend Hawaii. Rod also explains what the DVPA is, and some of the benefits they offer their members.
David Sterling of Steel Blue Sky will give us an introduction to his company's professional-level web hosting, and explains how your group can qualify to receive his company's services free for one year!
408 "Dr. Mac" Bob LeVitus, User Group News and Events, & MUG Center Resources Review

A celebrity user group supporter, upcoming user group events and news, and some of the resources The MUG Center offers to make your user group better are included in this edition.

Bob LeVitus
"Dr. Mac" Bob LeVitus, author of "Panther for Dummies" and "Dr. Mac: The OS X Files, Panther Edition," talks about both recent and upcoming user group appearances, his latest project and what it makes it different, why he may change his name to "Dr. GarageBand," how you can get him to visit your user group.


iPodLounge User Group, Vendor Deals for MUGs, & User Group News & Events on The User Group Report

A new online user group for iPod users by the leading iPod web site, the monthly user group deals, user group news and events, and more in this edition.

Dennis Lloyd, founder and publisher of iPodLounge, talks about his site, the new iPodLounge User Group, and why he feels that the user group model will benefit both his site and the many iPod enthusiasts who congregate there.
406 In House Film Festival, Macsimum Perspective, CodeTek Studios, CampusMovieFest & Mac User Group Day at O'Reilly

A new Final Cut Pro film festival not just for professionals, a brand new web site from a long-time user group advocate, one vendor's MUG support story, new campus group video events, and a day just for MUGs fill out this edition.

Orlando Luna of the South Florida Final Cut Pro Users Group, and one of the organizers of the In House Film Festival, talks about his group, FCP groups in general, and their partnership with the Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group to produce a new event based on Apple's video technologies for amateurs and professionals alike.
Dennis Sellers, a long-time friend and advocate of user groups, joins us to announce the opening of his brand new web site, Macsimum Perspective. You've read Dennis' work on MacCentral and MacMinute for years, and heard him speak in the User Group Lounge at Macworld Expos. Find out what his latest offering has for user groups.
Bill Goldstein of CodeTek Studios outlines his company's products and their support of user groups, including free product downloads, discounts, User Group University support, and a soon-to-be-announced rebate program.
David Roemer of Ideas United tells us about his company's first round of events at various colleges and universities in Georgia, called CampusMovieFest, the premier night to be held at Atlanta's Fox Theater, how they are partnering with a major airline (yes, airline), and how campus groups can tap into their expertise and resources.
Marsee Henon of O'Reilly gives us a look at Mac User Group Day, the speakers and sessions, and what visitors to the O'Reilly campus for the event can expect on April 24.


Non-Profit Status for MUGs, The Appleworks News Service, Bonnie Mitchell, and Washington University MUG

Deciding on filing for non-profit status for your user group, a new newsletter content resource, a visit from an old friend, and another iMovieFest on campus are included in this edition. We also talk about the Surfboard, this month's vendor deals and the MUG Event Calendar.

Rick Ortiz of the Maui Apple Users Society talks about filing for non-profit status for your group, what classifications you should consider, and why you may or may not want to do the paperwork.
Warren Williams of The Appleworks Users Group tells us about how his group supports other MUGs through a variety of resources and discounts, including a source for quality newsletter content, The Appleworks News Service.
Bonnie Mitchell makes a return visit to the User Group Report to talk about what she's been up to since the demise of one of the user group supporting-companies ever, Casady & Greene.

Courtney Bolton and Steve Gabster of the Washington University Macintosh Users Group profile their group and their upcoming iMovieFest. Courtney discusses her status as an Apple Campus Rep in relation to the user group, and Steve talks about his involvement as Ambassador, and the perpetuation of the group.

(#405 3/28/04)

Sly of Your Mac Life, Gold Coast Mac, "Make-A-Movie," & The TechGalaxy Conference

Our look at the most popular internet radio show on the 'net continues, we get a report on one regional conference, hear about another for user groups of all platforms, and learn about a moviemaking event conducted by a campus user group.

Sly of Your Mac Life gives us an exclusive interview about her role in the show, why Macintosh User Groups and the YML listenership are so similar, and why she gets up early at Macworld for user group breakfasts.
Esver Camacho of the Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group gives us an update on his groups' activities and their recent participation int he Florida Association of Computer User Groups Spring Conference.
Mike Williams of the Winona State University Macintosh Users Group talks about his group's third annual "Make-A-Movie" event, how they encourage all students, not just Mac users, to participate, and how they get the equipment pull it off.
Raul Salazar of the South Florida Java Users Group is also the organizer of the TechGalaxy Conference for user groups of all platforms. Raul discusss why he felt there was a need for this type of conference, and how he is able to make it free to both exhibiting groups and attendees.

(#404 3/14/04)

Shawn King of Your Mac Life, Nicholas Pyers of AUSOM, Charlotte Apple Computer Club & MUG Vendor Deals

We kick off a multi-show look at the most popular internet radio show on the 'net, find out about user group activities "down under," examine a group that endured and surviced leadership conflict, introduce a new feature, and get the latest crop of special deals just for user groups.

Shawn King of Your Mac Life talks about his history with user groups, how his show has evolved over the years, and announces a special offer for user group members to enjoy a YML benefit that everyone else will have to pay for.
Nicholas Pyers from AUSOM talks about getting quality presenters at his group in Australia, how they fund their organization, and why he contributes to the MUG Center's Newsletter Content email list.
Oriana Mellot and Eddie Nivens of The Charlotte Apple Computer Club tell the story of their group's brush with leadership conflict, why they almost lost control of the group's identity, how their bylaws resolved many of the issues, and offer suggestions for your group to avoid the difficulties they faced.

(#403 2/29/04)

Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral, dealmac User Group Tour, New TidBITS Support for User Groups & MacOS X Transition with Serious MUG

This bonus-length show features three interviews with major players in the Macintosh industry who are either starting or extending their support for Macintosh User Groups, a MUG that is making the transition to MacOS X a multi-meeting topic, iLife '04 resouces, and an invitation to play MUG Web Site Roulette.

Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral and discusses his involvement with both sites, his views on user groups and why he opts to cover their events, his experiences with his daughter in building a web site, and his personal offer of a brand new web option for user groups to promote their event.

Dan de Grandpre from dealmac tells us about the history of the site and how it has expanded over the years. Dan announces a tour of Macintosh User Groups, and provides details on how to invite him to your group.
Adam Engst of TidBITS spends time with us talking about the "Take Control" series of electronics books, why they are trendsetting in their use of the PDF file format, how they could be used as the basis for MUG meeting topics, and a new offer that not only extends a discount to all MUG members, and will get copies to user groups for review or raffle.
Lyle Turner of the Serious Macintosh Users Group profiles his group, their series of MacOS X transition meetings, how they decided what topics were important to cover, and in what order, and some of the resources they are using to plan the meetings.

(#402 2/15/04)

Circus Ponies at Expo, The User Group Booth, The Rest of Us, TechieTours, Vendor Deals and Macworld Wrap-Up

Our first show of 2004 starts with an exclusive story of impromptu user group support of at Mac vendor at Expo, a visit with the groups exhibiting in the User Group Booth and a Chicago MUG meeting at the Apple Store. New vendor deals are spotlighted, we wrap up Macworld Expo and look at what's coming for MUGs in the weeks ahead.

Elizabeth Statmore of Circus Ponies talks about supporting User Group University, reports on their success at Macworld Expo, and how user groups provided some unexpected support and encouragement following one of the demos at Steve Jobs' keynote.
Joe Fergesun from The Rest of Us profiles his group and talks about how his group developed a relationship that allows them to meet at The Apple Store in Chicago.
Jim Sims of TechieTours has a unique offer for user group members: Photoshop and MacOS X training, along with with a vacation package, on the island of Malta for 20% off. Get the details, and find out why Jim's prior positive experience with user groups led him to make this offer.
The User Group Booth at Macworld Expo featured a different set of user groups each day. On Friday, we got the flavor of the Booth by talking to:, Inc.

Apple iTunes, Inc.
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