The audio series featuring interviews with people making news in the Macintosh User Group community.
Spotlight On The
Southeast Regional Computer User Group Conference


Rose Lynn
of Gold Coast Mac

Michael Rogers
of The Atlanta PC Users Group

(This Edition No Longer Available)

Rose Lynn
Michael Rogers

A new regional user group leadership conference takes center stage in this edition of the User Group Report. The Southeast Regional Conference will be held on September 13 - 15 in Atlanta and will feature a substantial presence by MUG leaders. Rose Lynn tells us about what kind of seminars and events are featured, and why any user group leader of any platform would benefit by attending. Michael Rogers talks about why his group decided to host a regional conference, why they are including all platforms, and some very interesting observations about Macintosh User Groups from the point of view of a PC user group leader. An introduction to The MUG Center's new Vendor's Voice section and the very special first article finishes off this edition. (#213)

All Materials copyright 2002 Chuck Joiner/The MUG Center.