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MUG Meeting Topics

One of the two toughest things for MUG leaders to do each month is come up with an interesting, informative meeting topic. This section will list some ideas that your MUG can use.

Remember, not all meetings have to be directly Mac-oriented. Your group represents a tech-savvy and/or tech-oriented audience for a variety of related topics and services. Many of these relate to Mac use, but some do not. Even so, they are still very viable meeting topics.

Have a meeting idea that was successful? Tell us about it! We'll feature your idea here along with a link to your group.

It's A Wonderful iLife Meeting Idea From The User Group Advisory Board
The March edition of the Apple User Group Leader Bulletin featured another meeting idea for your group, courtesy of the Apple User Group Advisory Board. This month, a two-part meeting topic is provided by UGAB Member Lesa Snider:

It's A Wonderful iLife

Part 1: Have one or more members bring digitized vacation, party, or family photos and their favorite music CD. Bring the photos into iPhoto. Bring the music into iTunes. Make an iPhoto slideshow complete with music from iTunes. (Be sure to show how well these applications now work together in iLife.)

Next, open up iMovie and show how simple it is to work with all three applications to make an excellent QuickTime movie. Finally, if you have a Mac with a SuperDrive, make a DVD in iDVD with both the slideshow and iMovie.

Part 2: Take it to the next level with a .Mac account. Show how easy it is to share your slide show, and how to make it double as a screen saver.

For your next trick, turn those photos into a web page using HomePage. Last but not least, use one of the photos on a custom iCard.

More info on the iLife apps and .Mac, including useful tips and techniques, can be found at:

And be sure to check out the resources at the Apple Sales Web, including an iLife demo script (part number L26503A-US) and slideshows in QuickTime, Keynote and PDF formats (part number L25457B-US).

Have a favorite meeting idea that you wouldlike to share? Get your ideas featured in the Apple User Group Bulletin by emailing them to [email protected]. (3/23)

Meeting Topics From Apple Volunteer Teams Chat - March, 2003

MUG chats are fountains of information. At the March, 2003 Apple Volunteer Teams chat, members of the User Group Advisory Board and the Campus Group Advisory Board led a discussion that generated 30 different meeting topics, enough to keep any group running for a long time. The list included:

  • Aspects of Computing: Productivity, Gaming, Audio, Video, Graphics, etc.
  • Ergonomics of Better Computing in Your Life
  • Secure Your Mac (File Sharing)
  • How to Buy a New Computer
  • Digital Hub Buyers Guide
  • Thousands of Cool Apps Available for Mac: Let's Explore!
  • Top Ten Favorite OS X Features Not Available in Windows or OX 9
  • iLife for College Kids
  • The iApps
  • How to Interconnect With Other Platforms
  • The Myths of Macintosh and Why They Are Myths: Demystifying the Mac (De"myth"tifying)
  • Shareware Alternatives vs Expensive Software
  • Best Apps That Don't Break the Bank
  • How to Spend Fifty Bucks on Shareware
  • Desktop Publishing Today
  • SPAM Killers and Basic Ideas for Not Getting Your Email Address Harvested
  • Appleworks
  • Cross Platform-Friendly Attachments
  • Browsers: What makes each one shine and how to use them
  • Why You Don't Need to Know UNIX in Mac OS X
  • Music-related theme for the younger crowd (including iTunes & iPod)
  • - Audio Books
  • Program Shootouts: Keynote vs Powerpoint, Internet Explorer vs Safari - etc.
  • UNIX and Hardware
  • Networking: Wired vs Wireless
  • Wireless Home Networking Made Easy
  • Hardware Shootout! - Peripherals (iPod vs Rio, etc.)
  • Hardware Shootout! - Macs (PowerBook vs. iBook, etc.)
  • Buying a Digital Camera
  • Buying a Printer, Inc.

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