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MUG Event Calendar: March 2005

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| Macworld Expo S.F. |

Tuesday 1-Mar User Group Leader Chat - World Without Borders
Fresno Macintosh Users Group - iWork, Quicken 2005, Podapic
appleJAC - Finding Your Way: GPS & Google
Applequerque Macintosh Users Group - Adobe Photoshop CS
Wednesday 2-Mar San Diego Macintosh User Group - Prosoft Engineering
Santa Fe Macintosh Users Group - 11th Anniversary meeting & Mac Maintenance
Cape Cod Macintosh Users Group - iLife '05 and iWork
Thursday 3-Mar Englewood Mac User Group - James Lee of Tropical Software
Campus MovieFest Premier Night - Fox Theater, Atlanta
Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group - Vinyl to CD
Josephine County Macintosh Users Group - iWork
MUGPort - What's up .Mac?
Friday 4-Mar
Saturday 5-Mar Orange Apple Computer Club - Internet Security
Charlotte MacWorkshop - Microsoft Office 2005 demo
AUSOM - Introducing iWork '05
Sunday 6-Mar
Monday 7-Mar
Tuesday 8-Mar Lakeland Area Mac User Group - James Lee of Tropical Software
New Hampshire Seacoast Mac Users Group - Steven Caine of Common Ground Softworks
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (UK) - Finding information – researching & the web
Pennsylvania Macintosh Users Group - iMovie & Swap Table
Sierra Macintosh User Group - 10th Anniversary Celebration
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group - The Basics of Making Web Pages
Gateway Macintosh Users Group - Apple Hardware Report
Maryland Apple Core - Music Programs
Wednesday 9-Mar dBUG - Omni Group and iLife '05
Victoria Macintosh Users Group - Stuart DeSpain of Microsoft
Serious Macintosh Users Group (CA) - Final Cut Pro (Part 1)
Serious Macintosh Users Group (IN) - Security on the Mac: 'Malware' & Viruses
Greater Albany Apple Byters - AppleWorks
Club Mac of Hampton - Panther, Safari, RSS
Hershey Apple Core - Spring Cleaning Auction & 3 iPod shuffle Raffle
Alaskan Apple Users Group - How To Build A Photo Collage Using Adobe PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements
Whatcom Macintosh Users Group - OS X Basics & 2005 Meeting Planning
Bay Area Mac User Group - James Lee of Tropical Software
Boston Macintosh - Tax Cut
South Jersey Mac Apple User Group - Digital Images on Your Mac
Club Mac of Hampton - Panther Wrap-Up, Safari, RSS Intro
Thursday 10-Mar Florida Macintosh Users Group - James Lee of Tropical Software
Leisure World Macintosh Users Group - "Just Google It!"
Capitol Macintosh - Become an iPod Expert!
East Bay Macintosh Users Group - Rip Mix Burn - Making Custom CDs and DVDs
The Michigan Apple - Apple Buffet
ApplePickers - Photoshop Elements 3.0
Rhode Island Macintosh Users Group - Panther Overview
Friday 11-Mar Long Island Macintosh Users Group - Mail & Address Book, iPhoto, iMovie and AppleWorks
Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group - 15th Annual Pro Video Show
Saturday 12-Mar Macintosh Association of Central New Jersey - Dave Marra of Apple
Main Line Macintosh Users Group - Steve Sheets and Sunny Worrell of Midnight Mage Software
Socal Mac Owners/users Group - Running a “small” business operation that is BIG on the Mac
Hot Springs Macintosh Users Group - "Honk Before Backing up!!! How to do it right!"
MacMavericks - Backups and .Mac
Kaw River Macintosh Users Group - What's in your utilities folder?
Apple Core of Dallas - Macintosh Security
Cowtown Mac User Group - All About Blogging
The NorthWest of Us - Choosing and Using a Digital Camera
Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group - Buying & Selling on eBay
Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group - 15th Annual Pro Video Show
Sunday 13-Mar
Monday 14-Mar Triangle Macintosh Users Group - Get in Sync! iSync and Handhelds
QMUG/LA - Prreparing for Disaster
Portland Macintosh Users Group - Alex Gauthier & Ryan McClelland of CompUSAdemonstrating iLife and iWork
Tuesday 15-Mar Capitol Macintosh - Special Meeting with Christopher Breen
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group - Jennifer Dyer of Prosoft Engineering
Princeton Macintosh Users Group - Web Site Construction
Macintosh Users Group Serving The Inland Empire - Digital Photography
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) - Finding Information - Researching & the Web
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group - Preview of new online community
Design Matters (Japan) - Scandinavian Design and market strategy
Quad Cities Macintosh Users Group - "How I Use DVD Studio Pro"
Macintosh Users Group Serving the Inland Empire - Digital Photography
North Coast Macintosh Users Group (CA) - O'Reilly author Gordon Meyer
Wednesday 16-Mar Tucson Macintosh Users Group - Final Cut Pro
AppleSiders - iLife '05
MacCore - Apple Store Guys
Thursday 17-Mar Black Butte Macintosh Users Group - Scanning 35mm slides
Dallas Macintosh Users Group - Digital Photography - Choosing a Camera, Organizing your Photos with iPhoto & More
Tex-MUG - "The Interface Guy"
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group - AppleScript
Syracuse Macintosh Users Group - iLife '05
Hawaii Mac Nuts - Show & Tell
Lansing Area Macintosh & Lisa Users Group - iLife '05
Friday 18-Mar South Jersey Apple Users Group - Distributed Computing & Protein Folding
Saturday 19-Mar Houston Area Apple Users Group - Debbie Brewer of 4D
Washington Apple Pi - Steve Sheets from Midnight Mage Software and Dan Kerner from Civilized Software
Tuscarawas County Mac Users Group - AppleWorks Lab
Sunday 20-Mar MacGroup-Detroit - iLife '05
Double Click - TypeIt4Me
Monday 21-Mar Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group - Mark/Space
Tuesday 22-Mar Sun City Macintosh Users Group - James Lee of Tropical Software
San Luis Obispo Macintosh Users Group - iLife '05
Wednesday 23-Mar Macintosh Users East - Gmail, Internet Search Engines, & dot-Mac Training Resources
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group - Making Music on FCP with Stephanie Joyce of SmartSound and Steve Martin of Ripple Training
Thursday 24-Mar Champions of the Mac Proletariat - Photoshop CS
West Pasco Macintosh User Group - How to upgrade a Mac
Central Victorian Macintosh Users - Digital Photography
Grand Rapids Macintosh Users Group - iWork
Friday 25-Mar
Saturday 26-Mar Northeast Ohop Apple Corps - Telephony: T-Mobile on Bluetooth cell phones & Vonage, The Broadband Phone Company
Sunday 27-Mar Kinki Macintosh Users Group (Japan) - Apple Commercials
Monday 28-Mar North Coast Mac User Group (Ohio) - SmartSound SonicFire Pro
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group - Customizing Your own CD Labels with Discus
Tuesday 29-Mar Southern New Hampshire Apple Core - Backing up your system
Midlands Macintosh User Group (United Kingdom) - EvcoCam demo
MacBUS - SubEthaEdit, Keynote2 & Pages
Wednesday 30-Mar Oceanside Macintosh Users Group - James Lee of Tropical Software
Connecticut Macintosh Connection - Astronomy & the Mac
SFCutters - 5th Anniversary Celebration
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group - Apple iLife '05 and iWork (part 2)
Thursday 31-Mar Shreveport Macintosh Users Group - "The Future Looks SMUG"
Portland Mac Filmmakers' User Group - Video Archival, Delivery and Backup Theory and Techniques.
Deadline: Linden Lab User Group Offer
Deadline: Micromat User Group Offer
Deadline: O'Reilly User Group Offer
Deadline: Total Training User Group Offer, Inc.

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