MUG Event Calendar – August 2008

Friday 1-Aug
Saturday 2-Aug Apple Users’ Society of Melbourne – TBA
Orange Apple Computer Club – TBA
Sunday 3-Aug
Monday 4-Aug Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Annual General Election
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – The Wonderful World of Google
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Mac essentials: Customising your Mac; iMovie and getting your work on the Web; Time Capsule, Mobile Me cost v usefulness; Testing web pages you have built.
Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – TBA
MacMeetings – iPhotography
Tuesday 5-Aug Fresno Macintosh Users Group – Backups using Time Machine and Time Capsule; Bluetooth for your auto and Home, Dictate by MacSpeech, "How to sell on eBay"
Danbury Area Computer Society – What you Always Wanted to Know about HDTV, but May be Afraid to Ask
North Queensland Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Firefox
Wednesday 6-Aug Chicago Apple User GroupJames Lee of Tropical Software
The Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – "Making Digital Memories last…making memories last digitally "
MacValley Users Group – How to find, download and install excellent and low cost (or sometimes free) software from the internet
Strait Macintosh Users Group – Common sense computer security habits and procedures for the common man
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – iPhoto Part 26 Days Later
Yale Macintosh Users Group – iPhone 3G – 2
Cape Cod Computer Society – Photoshop Fun
Thursday 7-Aug Cambria Computer Club – Let’s Make an iMovie"
Santa Fe Macintosh Users Group – iWork ’08
Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group – Bento, MobileMe, iTunes, iPod Nano
Bracknell-Forrest Mac Users Group (United Kingdom) – TBA
Friday 8-Aug Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Apple’s Remote Desktop 3
Club Mac of Monterey – Online security, ID theft and software protection
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group – Photoshop Elements 6
Saturday 9-Aug Victoria Macintosh Users Group (Canada) – Stuart DeSpain of Microsoft demos Office ’08
Annapolis Apple Slice – program and help session for the Collington Life Care Community
MacMavericks – iMovie / iDVD
Apple Corps of Dallas – How to Organize Yourself in Mail; Search Characteristics in Leopard and Photography
Main Line Macintosh Users Group – MobileMe, Restoring Files from Time Machine, Saving Photos While Preserving Image Quality, and 1Password
Northern Vermont Macinosh Users Group – New NVMUG Web Site
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Sujmmer BBQ
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 10-Aug
Monday 11-Aug Stanford/Palo Alto Macintosh Users GroupGeoff Schuller from Filemaker demos Bento
Triangle Macintosh User Group – Garage Sale & Swap Meet
London Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – iMovie Night
Portland Macintosh Users Group – Peter Richardson will present his award-winning short film, "Clear Cut" and how he used his Mac to produce this film, and how he is using Final Cut Pro on his already-in-production 2nd documentary film.
Southern Maryland Mac User Group – TBA
Tuesday 12-Aug Capitol Macintosh – John Head on Adobe CS 3, Acrobat 9 and Lightroom
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Soup to Nuts:
Lakeland Macintosh Users Group – Skitch
Maryland Apple Core – Final Cut Editing and HD Video
South Mississippi Mac Users Group – Comparison of Microsoft Word and Open Office
MacinTech – iPod touch
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group – Sharing the Marvels of iPODs & iTunes
Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – Run Windows software on the Mac with VMWare Fusion and CrossOver
MacPower – Trio of Killer Show-And-Tell Demo by MacPower Members
Macintosh MultiMedia Group Meeting (Australia) – TBA
Davis Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sarasota/Manatee Macintosh User Group – TBA
Davis Macintosh Users Group – TBA
MacWichita Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 13-Aug Club Mac (Australia) – Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Digital Photography and your Mac
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – What you can DO with Apple Mail
Apple CIDER – Member Show and Tell
Serious Macintosh Users Group – Installation of Officers
West Pasco Macintosh Users Group – Mac Questions and Answers
Glasgow Macintosh Users Group (Scotland) – Quarterly Social
Reno InDesign User Group – TBA
Thursday 14-Aug East Bay Macintosh Users Group – Photography Night
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – QuickTime or MobileMe
Macintosh Asheville Computer Society – Freeway Pro 5
MacPeople – TBA
Colorado Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Lakeland Area Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Friday 15-Aug
Saturday 16-Aug MacTechnics – Now You’re Cookin!
Sunday 17-Aug Central Wisconsin Macintosh Users Group – iPod Quest picnic
MacInSteins – Financial Management Software, including iBank, Moneydance 2008, and Liquid Ledger
Double Click – Double Click’s Annual Picnic!
Monday 18-Aug Thumb Macintosh Users Group – Mike Piatek-Jimenez from Gascho Software on Programming for Mac OS X
Tuesday 19-Aug North Coast Mac Users Group (Califonia ) – Mac Author and Expert Jim Heid
Macintosh Users Group Serving the Inland Empire – UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply
Diablo Valley Maintosh Users Group – Annual DVMUG/RMUG Film Festival
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – iPunting Summer Social
KeyMac Club – The Mysterious Services Menu
Midlands Macintosh Users Group – Colour Management
Greer Macintosh Users Group – Lookin’ Good in Print (Part 1)
Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – TBA
Denver Apple Pi – TBA
Omaha Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 20-Aug Boston Final Cut Pro User Group – Final Cut Studio Tour: Boston With Red
Madison Macintosh Users Group – iTunes Q&A
Eugene Macintosh Users Group – Picnic
South West Florida Apple Computer Knowledgeable Society – Mac Breakfast Club Meeting
MACtreff Düsseldorf (Germany) – " Filmschnitt mit iMovie "
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Photoshop Elements 6
MacCORE – Free and low cost alternatives to Photoshop
Thursday 21-Aug Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group – Second Annual Beach Picnic
Fort Mac User Group – iDVD
Syracuse Macintosh Users Group – Photo Sharing
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – GarageBand
Arizona Macintosh Users Group – GarageSale and eBay
Macintosh Asheville Computer Society – Luncheon
Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Friday 22-Aug
Saturday 23-Aug Washington Apple Pi – Images, From Capture to Presentation
Northeast Ohio Apple Core – Catherine Licina and Her National History Day Award Winning iMovie
Annapolis Apple Slice – Beginner’s Guide to Making Modern Webpages with XHTML, CSS, and Javascript from Scratch
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 24-Aug MacGroup Detroit – Security & Identity Theft Protection
Monday 25-Aug San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users GroupJayson Adams presents NoteBook 3.0!
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – Demo of Comic Life Magiq
Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – TBA
Tuesday 26-Aug Lincoln Hills Macintosh Users Group – Surfing The Web
Internet Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – The 3 ‘T’s’ with Illustrator CS3: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Des Moines Macintosh Users Group – Web Site Creation: Design Tools (Part 1)
Upsate Apple User Group – TBA
Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group – Annual Beach Picnic
Wednesday 27-Aug Oceanside Macintosh User Group – Googling Around
South Bay Apple Mac User Group – An iMovie Evening
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group – Quantum will demo StoreNext, the brand new Data Management and archiving solution. CalDigit will show off the their latest storage solutions. Larry Jordan, (no, not that larry Jordan) returns to lafcpug after an 8 year absence for a 25 minute "FCP for Avid Editors" demo.
South Louisiana Final Cut Pro User Group (New Orleans) – Member videos, Award Winning Short Films
The Villages Macintosh Users Group – Runing Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp, Parallels and Fusion
Acadiana Area Apple User Group – TBA
Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group – TBA
Thursday 28-Aug South Louisiana Final Cut Pro User Group (Lafayette) – Member videos, Award Winning Short Films
Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – A Potpourri of Tips and Tricks When Working with Images in Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Bridge and iPhoto
Beach Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Shreveport Macintosh User Group – TBA
Friday 29-Aug Central Victorian Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Printing Issues
Saturday 30-Aug
Sunday 31-Aug DEADLINE: CFour Mac User Group Offer
DEADLINE: iData Mac User Group Offer
DEADLINE: Omni Technologies Mac User Group Offer
DEADLINE: Rhinoskin Mac User Group Offer

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