MUG Event Calendar – June 2015

Monday 1-Jun Gold Coast
Macintosh User Group
(Australia) – Office365/GoogleDocs/iCloud; Apple Watch reports in the field; Data back up raid drives – Carbon Copy Cloner; Hard Drive Prices; Online printing; Putting content on Youtube; Updating Operating Systems; Browser Options; Google cardboard; VOIP
Sydney Macintosh
Users Group
(Australia) – TBA
Virginia Macintosh User GroupApple’s Aaron Davis
Tuesday 2-Jun Fresno
Macintosh Users Group
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder night
Danbury Area Computer
– Video Production
Silicon Mountain Macintosh
User Group
appleJAC – Annual Picnic
Wednesday 3-Jun Chicago Macintosh
Users Group
Joe Kissell on Tech
Fox Valley Macintosh
Users Group
ApplePickers – Google Earth Pro
Yale Macintosh Users Group – Office365 for Mac
Chicago Creative Pro Users Group
San Diego Macintosh Users Group – No meeting scheduled
Thursday 4-Jun Fort Macintosh Users Group
Macintosh Users of Delaware – TBA
Friday 5-Jun
Saturday 6-Jun AUSOM (Australia) –
Orange Apple Computer Club – Build Yourself A Hackintosh
MacWichita – TBA
San Diego Macintosh User Group – TBA
Sunday 7-Jun
Monday 8-Jun Apple iClub – TBA
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – Photos
Portland Macintosh Users Group – Apple Watch and WWDC
London Macintosh Users Group – WWDC Keynote
Tuesday 9-Jun MacInTech – Photos
Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – Adobe Lightroom
Black Canyon Macintosh User Group – WWDC
Cowtown Mac Users Group – WWDC
Capitol Macintosh – TBA
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder night
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – WWDC Recap
Macintosh User Group
– What the Geek Squad Can Do For Mac Owners
MacWichita – TiVO
Wednesday 10-Jun Apple CIDER – WWDC; GarageBand and DigiTech Live 5 Harmonizer
San Luis Obispo Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sierra Nevada Apple User Group – TBA
Boston Creative Pro User Group – TBA
Maui Aple Users Society – TBA
Hershey Apple Core – On Summer Break
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group – iCloud; Apple Watch
Thursday 11-Jun Seattle Xcoders – xCoders Night
Upper Keys Macintosh Users Group – Informal Learning Lab
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – iCloudPhoto Sharing
East Bay Macintosh Users Group – TBA
MacPeople – Cool Mac Stuff; WWDC; Getting Started with Password Management and 1Password
Friday 12-Jun Long Island Macintosh Users GroupApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – Apple Watch
Saturday 13-Jun Southern California Macintosh Owners-Users Group – iCloud and Apple ID In-Depth
Houston Area Apple Users Group – TBA
Main Line Macintosh Users Group – MLMUG Picnic
Apple Corps of Dallas – Format Flipping
Sunday 14-Jun Double Click – TBA
Monday 15-Jun Silicon Valley Macintosh Users GroupJason Snell and WWDC Highlights
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – WWDC Report
Rossmore Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Maine Macintosh Owners & Operators Society – My Life & Times Part Deux
Tuesday 16-Jun North Coast Mac User Group – Self Publishing Your Photos
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder night
Macintosh Meeting and Drinking Society – TBA
Apple Pie User Group of Southeast Michigan – Photos for Mac
MacNexus – Hearing Aids Linked To The iPhone
Keystone MacCentral – TBA
Wednesday 17-Jun Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – Photos
Central Oregon Macintosh Users Group – WWDC 2015
MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – No Meeting
Tuscon Macintosh Users Group – Comparison of Mac OS Browsers; Managing Your Browser Bookmarks
Sarasota Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Eugene Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Lancaster Couty Apple Corps – TBA
Thursday 18-Jun Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Open Forum
Chico Apple User Group – Skype, FaceTime and Hangout; Membership Appreciation Raffle
Fort Mac User Group – TBA
Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group – No Meeting
Friday 19-Jun
Saturday 20-Jun Annapolis Apple Slice – No Meeting
MacTechnics – Arsenal of Mac Maintenance Tools, Part Deux
Sunday 21-Jun
Monday 22-Jun
Tuesday 23-Jun Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder Night
Internet Macintosh Users Group – iMovie Magic – Creating watchable movies from a stock of video clips and stills
Upstate Apple Users Group – TBA
Macintosh Users of Delaware – TBA
Wednesday 24-Jun Los Angeles Creative Pro Users GroupWe are excited to welcome Blackmagic Design. Paul Saccone will demo the brand new not yet shipping DaVinci Resolve 12. This ain’t your fathers Resolve and you need to see it!

Plus Benjamin L. Brown who shot, edited, produced and did the sound design on the movie, Harbinger Down, will talk about the film with an emphasis on using the Blackmagic Cinema and Pocket Cinema Cameras.

Plus Tina Eckman will show off and remind us of all the announcements BMD made at NAB.

Not enough? Well how about Michelle Boone showing off Imagine Productís latest application HD-VU2 which is a native file viewer that instantly views over 20 camera formats without transcoding. HD-VU2 is powerful enough to view 4K files including ARRI RAW, CinemaDNG and all the RED formats, not to mention GoPro, Panasonic, Sony and countless others!

Sarasota/Manatee Macintosh User Group – TBA
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Florida) – iOS 9 and El Capitan; What’s New with "Music"
Connecticut Macintosh Connection – Alfred and Automator
District Digital Creatives – Hurkman Demos; DaVinci Resolve 12
Chicago Creative Pro Users Group – Divinci Resolve; Filming a Documentary with the AJA CION; Creating a "Best Editing Portfolio"
Macintosh Users East (Canada) – Using Notes on the iPad; Travel Hardware and Software
The Villages Apple User GroupHome Sharing Setup and WiFi; Things You Need (Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes, WiFi Network); iTunes Setup; Apple TV Setup
Thursday 25-Jun Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder night
Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – Extending Your Senses Through 4D (Augmented Reality): Data Visulization in the Real World
Friday 26-Jun
Saturday 27-Jun Washington Apple PI – Robert Pegoraro on Personal Technology
North East Ohio Apple Corps – Apple Photos and Google Photos
Sunday 28-Jun MacGroup-Detroit – Hazel – A Paperless Worfkow and Apple Watch
Monday 29-Jun
Tuesday 30-Jun Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder Night

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