MUG Event Calendar – May 2007

Tuesday 1-May Palm Beach Macintosh Users Group – John Clay of I.R.I.S.
Danbury Area Computer SocietySmart Computing Magazine publisher Marcy Kremer
Pennsylvania Macintosh Users’ Group – conversation, questions and answers about Mac computers and all things Apple
Fresno Macintosh Users Group – Demos of Toast 8 and Apple Mail
The University of Wisconsin–Madison Macintosh Users Group – Demo of Panic’s new one-window web development application Coda and a re-demo of Garrett Murray’s xPad
Cowichan Macintosh Users Group (Canada) – Converting vinyl records to digital format
Mac2MUG – Topic Pending
Wednesday 2-May MUG ONE – Apple Sr. Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Woodward Macintosh User Group – David Roemer, co-founder and CEO of United Ideas, producers of CampusMovieFest
National Macintosh – James Lee of Tropical Software
San Diego Macintosh User Group – Digital Scrapbooking with iRemember and Setting Up a Wired and Wireless Network Router
MacValley Users Group – Presentation of Storyist
The Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – Crossing Platforms
The Rest of Us – iPhoto with Carlye Hirsch
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – Voice Over IP
MacWaves – Apple’s iWeb
Edgewood Area Macintosh Users Group – Bring a Windows or Macintosh OS X friend
Yale Macintosh Users’ Group – TBA
Thursday 3-May Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group – Christoper Breen of Macworld magazine
Strait Macintosh Users Group – Browser Wars
Santa Fe Macintosh Users Group – 4-Minute Film Festival
Bux-Mont Macintosh Users Group – Manage Your Personal Finances On Your Mac
Applequerque Macintosh Users Group – Using Your Macintosh for Entertainment Systems, VOIP, Remote Control, & Much More (Part 2)
Cambria Computer Club – Instructional videos on dealing with ways to keep your OS X system performing properly
Digital Arts Group – Blogging tips and discussion
South Texas Macintosh User Group – Digital Cameras, Keywords in iPhoto, Pivot Tables
Friday 4-May
Saturday 5-May Charlotte MacWorkshop – Adobe Creative Suite 3
Orange Apple Computer Club – Benjamin Grier, Product Marketing Manager for the SSRS iWOWâ„¢ plug-in for iTunes
Pensacola Panhandle Macintosh Users Group – What You Can Do with Your Home Computer
AUSOM (Australia) – Nicholas Pyers presents Voice Over IP
Sunday 6-May
Monday 7-May Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – Bob LeVitus’ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
Stanford/Palo Alto Macintosh User Group – Quicken for the Mac
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Backup Strategies
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – Find a cheaper alternative to big ticket software applications by searching for a Shareware version
Tuesday 8-May Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – Bob LeVitus’ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
Nashville Apple Pro Video Group – Apple presents the latest from the NAB Show
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Security and Backup
Exeter Macintosh User Group (United Kingdom) – Yummy Soup, Using the examug website and Watch, learn and do: Using iLife.
MacinTech – DSL & Cable Networks & Security
The Hudson User Group – Slingbox and Slingplayer
Glasgow Maicntosh Users Group (Scotland) – Photographer Ken Sharp talks through his methods and the applications he uses
Internet Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Mac Applications You Probably Hadn’t Noticed
Gateway Area Macintosh Users Group – RadTech presents "The Care and Cleaning of Your Laptop, Inside and Out."
Mount Dora Macintosh User Group – Elgato EyeTV and BookEndz Docks
MacWitcha – TBA
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group – iWork
Ashland Macintosh User Group – iCal
MacsWest – Web Design
New Hampshire Seacoast Mac Users – No Formal Presentation Scheduled
Wednesday 9-May Hershey Apple Core – Bob LeVitus’ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
Greater Albany Apple Byters – Terry White and Dave Hemly of Adobe present Adobe Photoshop CS 3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements
Victoria Macintosh User Group (Canada) – James Lee of Tropical Software
MacPower User Group – Justin Schneck of DoubleClick
Bay Area Macintosh User Group – How to Avoid Fraud with PayPal
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Garry Barker (alias MACMAN) from “The Age” newspaper
MacWaves – Hidden Secrets of Preview
dBug – Waht To Do With An Old Mac
Serious Macintosh Users Group – Skirting Potential Problems
Whatcomb Macintosh Users Group – Fonts in OS X — Jaguar, Panther & Tiger
New Jersey Mac Apple User Group – A Dozen Things You Should Never Do To Your Mac
Boston Macintosh – Stump The Experts
Serious Macintosh Users Group (Indiana) – The Apple TV and "So Many Digital Photos, So Many Electronic Ways to Distribute Them"
Club Mac (Australia) – Recent Apple Developments
Hamilton Apple Macintosh Users Group – Starry Night Astronomy Software
AppleCIDER – General Meeting
Thursday 10-May MetroMac – James Lee of Tropical Software
Capitol Macintosh – Adobe presents Adobe Creative Suite 3 and Xeros demonstrates solid ink printing
MacPeople – ScreenCastsOnline Introduction, TeachMac Introduction, Demo of Frenzic, iPhoto Buddy and Skype Recorder
Seattle Xcoders – Working the Objective-C runtime to build a bridge to a scripting language
Saskatoon Macintosh Users Group (Canada) – Get a (Second) Life!
ApplePickers – How to Create a Website Without Really Trying
Colorado Macintosh Users Group – Canvastic 3.0, 3Dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator, Google Desktop
East Bay Macintosh Users Group – VMWare
Laguna Woods Village Macintosh Club – eBay
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Digital Photo Forum
Macintosh Asheville Computer Society – Interacting with non-Macs
The Michigan Apple User Group – Quicken 2007 & More
MacsWest – Google Earth
Roanoke Valley Macintosh Users’ Group – iListen demo
MacApple Users of San Antonio – iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Elements
Maui Apple Users Society – Your Mac in a Windows World
Mid-Columbia Macintosh Users Group – Demos of Apple’s Mail and the Usenet Client Unison
Friday 11-May Long Island Macintosh User Group – James Lee of Tropical Software
Atlantic City Macintosh Users Group – iPhoto Library Manager & Comic Life
Club Mac of Monterey – Tips & Tricks
South Mississippi Mac Users Group – Apple TV
Sarasota/Manatee Macintosh User Group – TBA
Saturday 12-May Main Line Macintosh Users Group – Bob LeVitus’ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
Macintosh Association of Central New Jersey – James Lee of Tropical Software
Northwest of Us – Avoiding Internet Fraud and Ten Ways to Make Your Mac More Secure
Apple Corps of Dallas – FileMaker Pro and Databases
Southern California Macintosh Owners/Users Group – "Around the Web in 80 Sites"
Mountain View Computer User Group – Presentation by Adobe and Annual Auction
Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Tuscarawas County Mac User Group – Preventative Maintenance for your Mac as well as the Best of Mac OS X Tiger Hints
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – HMUG Cookout
Mac Mavericks – Print Explosion
Birmingham Apple Core – TBA
Mac/Appleholics Annonymous – TBA
Sunday 13-May
Monday 14-May Muskoka Mac User Group (Canada) – Adobe Photoshop CS3
London Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Guy Gowan on Adobe Photoshop
New York FileMaker Developers’ Group – Vincenzo Menanno of FM::Nexus
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – Recap of MacZot Entertainment
Macintosh Computer Club of Calgary (Canada) – Wireless connectivity and internet security
Portland Macintosh Users Group – General Meeting
Central Kentuckey Computer Society – Members Heritage Credit Union
Southern Maryland Mac User Group – TBA
Tuesday 15-May Memphis AppleCore – Apple Engineer Tim Matheny
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group – Adobe Creative Suite 3
Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – Mike Richman of Adobe Systems presents Adobe InDesign CS3
Maryland Apple Corps – What To Do With Your Old Mac and Introduction to YouTube
Apples BC (Canada) – Learn to use the Club’s almost unlimited web hosting space and Podcasting
Keystone MacCentral – Pages
Design Matters (Japan) – The process of transit design
Grand Rapids Area Macintosh Users Group – Video Blogging
Cherry Macintosh Users Group – Using iDVD to record collections of slideshows & movies
The Macintosh Meeting and Drinking Society – Mobile Technologies and the Mac
Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group – Light Crafts demonstrates Lightzone
Okanagan Mac Meetup Group (Canada) – Mac Meetup
North Coast Macintosh Users Group – Adobe Photoshop Certified Instructor Barbara Heiman shows off Photoshop CS3
Stanislaus Macintosh Users Group – Hands On Apple TV
Key Macintosh User’s Group – The Insider’s Guide to Making a Web Site
Omaha Macintosh User Group – Blogs
Central Coast Computer Club – How to sell on eBay
Macintosh User Group Serving the Inland Empire – Installing Windows on an Intel-Mac
East Tennessee Macinoths User Group – NAB Show Wrap-Up
Greer Macintosh User Group – iRemember
Apple PIE User Group – Bring in analog video into imovie or Final Cut
The Okanagan Mac Meetup Group (Canada) – TBA
Wednesday 16-May Lancaster County Apple Corps – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Denver Final Cut Pro Users Group – Apple Sr.Systems Engineer Charles Meyer presents the new Final Cut Studio 2 suite
Denver Final Cut Pro Users Group – Panasonic P2HD Tour stop featuring Charles Meyer of Apple
Woodward Macintosh User Group – Take Control author Steve Sande
MacCORE – Adobe Photoshop Elements Top 10 Tricks
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Organize your music & photos and make movies; Website design–the good, bad, and ugly; Deployment of Apple iBooks; Get your old LPs to CDs or DVDs with your Mac
South West Florida Apple Computer Knowledgeable Society – Tim Sadler, CEO of intraMedia.Net, will outline the help a Mac computer can be during the Hurricane Season
MacChamp – Home Networks
AppleSiders – How to Keep Your Mac Healthy
Eugene Macintosh Users Group – Assembling a Podcast
Saint Augustine Mac Users Group – iMac Desktop Computer Features & Operations
Plano Macintosh User Group – TBA
Thursday 17-May Mac Chico Users Group – Prosoft Engineering introduces JoeSoft
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – OpenOffice presented by the Tidewater UNIX User’s Group
Quinte Macintosh Users Group (Canada) – Annual Elections
Washington Apple Pi – Mini Meeting at the Tysons Corner Apple Store: Living the iLife Life – iMovie and iPhoto compared
Fort Collins Macintosh Users Group – Audio and Video Conversion
Macintosh Southern Tier Apple Club – Picasa, Widgets, Audio Hijack, Handbrake/Mediafor
Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group – Roxio Toast 8
Baton Rouge Macintosh Users Group – A Switcher’s Tale
Graphic Artists Guild: New York Chapter – Everything You Wanted To Know About Intellectual Property: What Artist need to know to protect themselves!
Macintosh Users Group of Stowe – Website Revision Suggestions; Efficient File Browsing; Podcasts and Blogs
Arizona Macintosh Users Group – Windows on the Mac
New York Graphic Artists Guild – Everything You Wanted To Know About Intellectual Property: What Artist need to know to protect themselves!
BeachMUG – Long Beach Super 8
International Macintosh Users Group – Language Support on the One Laptop Per Child XO Computer
ProMac Users Group – Using iPhoto to edit & print out great pictures; iTunes Tips & Tricks; Mac Maintenance
Lansing Area Macintosu and Lisa User Group – Free Online Mac Seminars
Black Butte Macintosh Users Group – Apple TV, GraphicConverter
Syracuse Macintosh Users Group – Verizon FiO
Lynchburg Apple Core – Adobe Creative Suite 3
Dallas Macinosh Users Group – Backup Methods
Quinte Macintosh Users Group Society (Canada) – Elections
Friday 18-May Macintosh Users Computers Hands On – Keynote Demo
Saturday 19-May Annapolis Apple Slice User Group – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Macs@PACS – Apple’s Senior System Engineer Steve Zalot
Houston Area Macintosh Users Group – Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle
Maker Faire 2007 featuring Steve Wozniak
North Coast Macintosh Users Group – Prosoft Engineering
AppleMousse – Apple TV and Adobe Dreamweaver
MacTechnics – NeoOffice
Kalamazoo Macintosh User Group – More OS X 10.4 Tips & Tricks
Sunday 20-May NorthWest Apple Pickers – Shareware and Freeware Applications
Apple-Q (Australia) – GarageBand
Macinsteins – iPhoto’s calendar, greeting card and album-making features
Central Wisconsin Apple User Group – iWeb
DoubleClick – “Audio and Video on the Go: Podcasting Basics”
Maker Faire 2007
Monday 21-May Naples MacFriends – Eric Strachan, Managing Editor of the Naples Daily News on photography at the paper, and how Macs helps the paper function
Center City Philadelphia Macintosh Users GroupEverything You Need To Know to be Slightly Dangerous with HTML… Oh, and Effectively Build/Maintain a Simple Web Page
DuPage Apple User Group – Genealogy
San Gabriel Valley Macinosh User Group – TBA
Tuesday 22-May Louisville Computer Society – Adam & Tonya Engst of TidBITS
Adobe InDesign User Group Orlando – InDesign CS 3 Launch
Internet Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Adobe Creative Suite 3—Photoshop and Photoshop Extended with Brian Chau of Adobe Systems
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group – Ripple Training’s Steve Martin goes deep inside Soundtrack Pro 2; Marco Solorio of Cinesoft will show off the brand new Media Batch and Shane Ross of Little Frog in High def will demonstrate how to get Organized in FCP.
Indianaoplis Final Cut Pro User Group – Final Cut Pro Studio 2
Manitoba New Media – "Turn On Your Flash Lite"
Des Moines Macintosh Users Group – Backing Up: strategies and programs
Midlands Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Lighting for Photography and Video
Lincoln Hills Macintosh Users Group – Computer maintenance, upgrades & recycling
Woodward Macintosh User Group – iMovieFest
Macintosh Users of Delaware – Q&A
Wednesday 23-May Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group – Stuart Bass, ACE, discusses the fine points of story editing; Get a close look at the new AJA IOHD with Gary Adcock; Jim Teirney of Digital Anarchy shows off the new PlasmaFX Filter Suite and ToonIt for Final Cut Pro.
Macintosh Users East (Canada) – iMovie and Address Book
Thursday 24-May Nebraska Acrobat User Group (Lincoln) – Acrobat 8 Professional Features
West Pasco Macintosh Users Group – Fonts in Mac OS X
Macintosh Ashville Computer Society – Party!
Waterloo Region Mac User Group (Canada) – Organize Your Recipes
Chattanooga Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Friday 25-May Citris Macintosh Users Group – Favorite Web Sites
Saturday 26-May Washington Apple Pi – Results from the First Washington Apple Pi Photo Contest
Hong Kong Final Cut Pro Users Group (China) – Final Cut Pro Studio 2
Caracas Macintosh Users Group (Venezuela) – TBA
Sunday 27-May MacGroup-Detroit – Mac OS X Tips and Tricks
Kinki Macintosh Users Group (Japan) – Getting Entertainment from the Web
Double-Click – “Computer Networking Basics: Connecting Your Macs to the Max!”
Monday 28-May Waikato Macintosh Society (New Zealand) – "Technology in the Classroom"
Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – Games, Widgets & Tools We Can’t Live Without
Tuesday 29-May DEADLINE: End of 50%-Off Sale at Take Control eBooks
Portland Mac Film Maker User Group – Final Cut Studio 2
The Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia – Wonders of the Internet
Wednesday 30-May Suffolk Mac Users Group (United Kingdom) – Blogging (for work and pleasure!)
Apple Users Group of Canterbury (New Zealand) – Pages
South Bay Macintosh User Group – Presentation by
Oceanside Macintosh User Group – iWow
Connecticut Macintosh Connection – iTunes and iPod: Not Just For Music
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group – Demos
Thursday 31-May DEADLINE: TopX Notes User Group Offer
DEADLINE: Case-Mate User Group Offer
DEADLINE: Speck User Group Offer
South Florida Final Cut Pro User Group – Wes Plate presents Automatic Duck
Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – 3ed Annual May Show
Philadelphia Final Cut Pro User Group – Final Cut Pro Suite and NAB Wrap-Up
Shreveport Macintosh User Group – TBA

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