A New Mac User Group In The Making?

An interesting thing happened in a recent edition of The Typical Mac User Podcast: host Victor Cajiao started talking about Mac User Groups with the intent of exploring the possibility of establishing an online group. Admitting that he wasn’t up on MUGs, Victor invited his audience to discuss the possibilities and share their thoughts.

The discussion and enthusiasm that followed will seem familiar to anyone familiar with Mac User Group leadership, but takes on new meanings when heard from “outside.” The discussions over the objectives of the group, how to organize, the inevitable topic of volunteers, officers, etc. are valuable both for anyone interested in creating a new group as well as to those re-examining their own groups. They also make one realize that many people out there continue to hold on to old notions of what MUGs should be, and why we have to work even harder to integrate today’s tools, social interaction models and sensibilities into the user group world.

The project will reportedly reconvene in January to continue their efforts, and we’ll be watching and rooting them on.

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