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What We Are
The MUG Center is a central clearinghouse for the many resources available for Macintosh User Groups, their members, and their leaders. There are many great Mac sites out there, and more than one with a user group theme, but no other that is a focal point for all of the available resources.What We Offer
The MUG Center features how-to articles, lists, ideas and solutions for the many challenges facing Macintosh user groups. We are part-portal, with links to a wide variety of resources MUGs can benefit from. We are also part-original content, with articles, essays, and more, all focused squarely on the MUG community. Staying current on who and what is making news in the MUG community, we feature news and updates of interest and value to user group leaders, members, advocates, and those who interact with them.

New to the Macintosh User Groups? You can find one near you, or learn how to start your own.

Already involved in a MUG? Use this site to get new ideas, or contribute your tips, tricks and successes to our archive of material.

Get Involved!
This isn’t just our site…it is yours as well. Join in and contribute your ideas! We will host your original content, or link to it from our site, with full credit. The goal is to provide MUG leaders and members with the best information to help their groups succeed and prosper.

Want to know more, or have a question that isn’t covered here? Email [email protected].

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