Andy Ihnatko Scheduled for Colorado Mac Users Group

Andy Ihnatko
Each year, Chicago-Sun Times columnist and MacNotable Andy Ihnatko attends (and often speaks) at the Conference on World Affairs, and while in town, makes a stop at the Colorado Mac Users Group, and this year is no exception.

Andy will be at CoMUG this Thursday, April 9, for the group’s monthly meeting, talking about anything and everything from the Mac world and beyond. Andy’s talks are always both eclectic and fun, so if you’re in the area, be sure to attend.

As if you needed more incentive, The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet (and CoMUG regular) will be talking about what’s new in iMovie ’09. Hmm…Jeff and Andy in the same room…with a camera and an audience. This could be interesting.

Want to attend? Check out the CoMUG web site for all the details.

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