Apple User Group Resources

Apple offers Macintosh User Groups a variety of resources, both on and off their Web site. This guide will help you find what you need.

The Apple User Group Web Site
The user group section of Apple’s web site is the gateway to all of the information and resources Apple offers to, for and about user groups.

Questions & Answers
From this page you can get the most frequently asked questions about the Apple User Group Program, joining a group, registrating your group, how to find a group, campus groups and more.

Register Your Group and Get Recognized
Already have a group? If you qualify, then register your group with Apple to receive referrals from the Locator, recognition, special offers and a variety of benefits. (You can also update your MUG’s information from this page.)

Apple recognizes three types of groups, and has different guidelines for each:

  • Community groups: 3 officer contacts, a group email address, a live web site, and a history of meetings.
  • Corporate, government, K-12, higher education, professional associations and specialized software groups: these categories are considered and approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Online-only groups: A minimum of 100 members, a listserv with digest, three leader contacts, a group email address, a live web site, and a searchable archive of discussions.

Please understand that these are “guidelines.” Apple reserves the right to revise or make exceptions to them based on circumstances and representations.

Why does Apple have requirements at all to qualify? To assure the quality of information it distributes to customers (your potential members!), and to be sure that all individuals registering groups really are registering groups!

Apple User Group Locator
Find a group near you! Apple’s list of official Macintosh User Groups starts your search off by country, and then drills down by Group Name, area code, type, city or state. Your group gets listed in the Locator by registering with Apple.

Apple Sales Web
A private site where user group ambassadors can purchase Apple t-shirts, posters, banners, product information, download presentation materials and scripts for Apple products and services, and much more, Apple Sales Web can only be accessed with a user ID and password available to Apple-recognized user groups. Every group’s Ambassador is provided with an ASW password when they are recognized. If the ASW account is not used for 6 months, the password expires and you must apply for a new one. Information on how to reapply can be obtained from your group’s Apple User Group Regional Liaison.

User Group Mailbox
The Mailbox is a regularly produced package of DVDs providing information, print and video resources on Apple products, including graphics, whitepapers, QuickTime movies of Apple events and keynotes, product review and demonstration guidelines and more. Occasionally, NFR copies of Apple or third-party products are included, to be reviewed and/or demonstrated by your group. As you use these resources, be sure to tell Apple how they benefit your group, so that support for this terrific benefit will continue.

The User Group Mailbox can be ordered from Apple Sales Web by your group’s designated Apple Ambassador.

Free .Mac Account
Apple provides a free .Mac account for your group’s use to recognized user groups through their Ambassador.

As of September 2006 the requirements/procedure to obtain the .Mac account were:

  • Take the “ATSO: .Mac – QuickStart” course (#SWS6011 – January 2006) and score 80% or higher on the course quiz
  • Have a minimum of 2,000 points earned in 2006 or carried over from 2005 for achieving the Apple Product Professional designation in 2005.
  • Your activation key will be emailed to you within two weeks of qualification.

For more information on obtaining the free account for your group, please contact your Apple User Group Regional Liaison.

Mailing Lists
Apple has a multitude of mailing list, but there are two which are of special interest to MUG members and leaders.

The first is the Apple User Group Discussion list, which is open to any and all interested members of the Macintosh User Group community. Join and see what other MUG leaders are saying to and about issues of interest to any user group member or officer.

The second is an email newsletter for MUG leaders and officers, the Apple User Group Bulletin. You will get the latest information for and about MUGs, direct from the mothership!

The Apple User Group Logo
If you are a recognized Apple User Group, you may display this logo, or one of the supplied variations on your Web site or newsletter, provided you abide by the guidelines of use:

The Guidelines and EPS files of the logo are available to ambassadors through Apple Sales Web (part #L27741A-US).

Note: The authorized Apple User Group logo was updated 4/03; if you are using the older version, please update your materials with the latest version.

Other Apple Trademarks:
A complete list of Apple trademarks and information on how to to use them is available from Apple’s web site.
Apple MUG Store
Members of authorized Macintosh User Groups have access to a variety of special deals and prices through Apple’s MUG Store. Items include new and refurbished units, software, and even a trade-in program. You will need the user ID and password which your MUG leader can provide to access the site.
The Apple User Group Advisory Board
UGAB is a group of MUG leaders who consult with Apple on issues in the community, engage in special projects, and work to advance the user group cause, both inside and outside Apple. The UBAB information file will answer many of your questions. If you have comments or questions, contact the UGAB at [email protected] or visit their web site.

The Apple User Group Regional Liaisons
The UGRL are MUG leaders who have been asked by Apple to network with the groups in their area and provide information on the concerns, issues and activities of those groups. Find out more about their activities, or contact them at [email protected].

The Campus Group Advisory Board
CGAB is the newest of the Apple User Group Volunteer Teams, and is composed of successful campus group leaders throughout the United States. Their mission is to champion the user group movement on university and college campuses, and for the younger Macintosh enthusiast. They can be reached at [email protected]

Apple Sales Training Online
Available to Apple-recognized user group ambassadors, Apple Sales Training Online offers a wide variety of online training, education and information that can be utilized to get and stay informed on Apple products, prepare and deliver presentations to your group, and earn points towards a proficiency rating.

User Group Activities Calendar
One of the most unrecognized assets to user groups, the Activities Calendar lets your group post your upcoming special events and functions. Submitted entries must be approved before they are publicly available.

Email Addresses
This list of useful email addresses related to the Apple User Group Program will help you contact the appropriate person or teams.

Requesting Promotional Materials

If your group wants to request t-shirts, pens, or similar items for a special event, you can do so by using the “swag” request form that is located in the user group section of Apple Sales Web.

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