April Edition of O’Reilly User Group Progam News Released

The O’Reilly User Group Program has published the April edition of their “User Group Program News.” Items in this month’s edition include:

  • A new O’Reilly blog that will include user group activities
  • Notification that the O’Reilly User Group wiki now requires a user name and password due to wikispam. Instructions on how to add your group’s information are included.
  • Book review information
  • O’Reilly authors as speakers
  • A call for Slashdot reviewers
  • A free book for web banner placement offer
  • and more.

Also on the O’Reilly schedule for the folks in the Bay Area in California is the Ignite Expo, to be held on Sunday, April 15. The event will feature sixteen speakers, each getting 5 minutes to speak and only twenty slides to support them (and those automatically transition every fifteen seconds).

Speakers include Jane McGonigal (Cruel 2 B Kind), Salim Ismail (Confabb & Yahoo’s Brickhouse), Avi Bryant (DabbleDB), Jordan Schwartz (doing a reprise of his excellent “Bee-Keeping & The Hive-Mind” talk), Kellan Elliott-McCrea (creator of the ExpoCal) and Justin. Topics include South Pole hacks, remote usability, WebFS, and power supplies for emerging markets.

Ignite Expo will be held in the Moscone West, San Francisco, in Room 2022. The event is open to the public.

For complete information on the O’Reilly User Group program and how you can sign up for the “User Group Program News” email newsletter, visit The MUG Center’s Vendor Programs section.

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