Audio of the First User Groups 2.0 Virtual Conference Available

User Groups 2.0

The audio of the discussion at the first User Groups 2.0 Virtual Conference is now available for listening and download.

The MUG Center‘s first gathering of user group leaders to discuss the state of the MUG community, exchange ideas and look to the future was held on October 29, and keynoted by James Lee of Tropical Software. Jim addressed the group with his top 5 Tips for welcoming a vendor to your user group.

The participants in the conference included:

Allen Emory Pat Fauquet Travis Good
Allen Emory
Macintosh Users Group
Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi
Travis Good
Washington Apple Pi
Dawn Hurwitz Jed Mark Bill Medlow
Dawn Hurwitz
Hawaii Mac Nuts
Jed Mark
Diablo Valley
Macintosh Users Group
Bill Medlow
Long Island
Macintosh Users Group
Michael Potter Nicholas Pyers Chuck Joiner
Michael Potter
Macintosh Users Goup
Nicholas Pyers
Chuck Joiner
(host) Editor
The MUG Center

The User Groups 2.0 Virtual Conferences, initiated by The MUG Center, are a series of online/virtual gatherings of individuals who are ambitious about taking the Mac User Group community into the future, addressing the needs of today’s Mac enthusiast and continuing the tradition of being an important channel of information and influence for Mac users.

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