Azure Talon Software MUG Discount Available

Azure Talon Software is offering a Mac User Group discount.

(from the Apple User Group Bulletin

Azure Talon Exces: 30 Percent Discount

Exces is a simple, easy-to-use and secure encryption utility that allows you to protect your files with the click of a button. Just pick a password, lock and you’re good to go. Exces uses the strong, uncracked, AES encryption standard that sports an elegant user interface. It is simply one of the most appealing file protection solutions available.

Apple user group members pay the special price of $13.50 (US), instead of the retail price of $19.50 (US).

This worldwide offer is valid through May 31, 2008.

To obtain the discount code, contact your Mac User Group leader or your Apple Regional Liaison.

Apple User Group Advisory Board Web Site

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