Boston Final Cut Pro User Group Will Meet at the 17th Annual Pro Video Show

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group
Rather than hold a separate meeting this month, the Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group (BOSFCPUG) will be both meeting and exhibiting at the Camera Company’s 17th Annual Pro Video Show this Friday, March 9 at the Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex in Easton MA.
BOSFCPUG has scored a booth strategically placed between Apple’s and Cannons, but will be the main attraction when they hold their meeting in the Auditorium. The theme of the show is the transition to digital and HD and fits in perfectly with the scheduled guests for the meeting, including:

Show and Tell: Trevor Gowdy and Stuart Cummings, “Quest for the One”
Nationally televised outdoorsman Trevor Gowdy will be accompanied by Stuart Cummings of Watermark Productions as they discuss their Final Cut Studio workflow for “QUEST FOR THE ONE,” Trevor’s tv series on Versus Networks (owned by Comcast). Footage captured with the Canon XLH1 will be shown as they discuss how they bi-passed the HDV codec in post by transferring to the DVCPro HD codec using the Connect LE box from Convergent Designs.

Brian Rutz, Aja Video Systems: “Today’s Codecs, Why I don’t Want to Edit With Them, and Why Maybe I Should”
Join Brian Rutz of Aja as Brian details the basics of the digital process and different sampling methods. MPEG-2 as it applies to HDV, the differences between interlace and progressive, DVCPRO HD, 2:3 pull down, 2K and more.

Don Peebles, Apple: “Streamline Your Final Cut Pro Workflow with Matrox MXO”
Join Don Peebles for a conversation about streamlining your Final Cut Pro workflow using Matrox MXO. Come hear about this exciting new tool for Final Cut Pro users, Matrox MXO, a cost-effective external box that provides portable broadcast-quality audio/video output for the Mac. Don will discuss using MXO in your daily work and how MXO fits in with a file-based workflow (HDV, XDCAM HD & P2).

Complete information, including registration, can be found on the BOSFCPUG web site.

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