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Take Your Group to 2.0: Get a Logo

We recently mentioned the need for a group logo in discussing the components of a user group identity, but the topic deserves special attention because it is so important. It can also be difficult to change once you’ve invested time and money in creating any amount of mindshare with your members, your community, vendors, and […]

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Take Your Group to 2.0: Effective Raffle Rules

Raffles are a long-standing tradition in the Macintosh User Group community, usually to the benefit of the members, but occasionally to the detriment of the group. At the very least many groups could get more out of their raffles by implementing a few simple procedures and guidelines. 2.0 user groups re-examine every aspect of their […]

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Take Your Group to 2.0: Once A Month Just Isn’t Enough

Your Mac User Group’s newsletter is, most likely, something of a sacred tradition. Many groups see their newsletter as the single biggest benefit they deliver, and the primary way they communicate both Mac and group news to their members. In a world moving at the speed of the Internet, a monthly newsletter is fine for […]

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