Charlotte Apple Computer Club Announces “Welcome to Mac” Meeting Series

Charlotte Apple Computer Club
This summer, the Charlotte Apple Computer Club (CACC) has partnered with a local library to conduct a special series of meetings to enlighten potential buyers and switchers of the benefits of the Macintosh.

The Welcome to Mac meetings will be held in July, August and September at the Morrison Regional Library and will include general discussions of the advantages of the Mac, how to make choices about hardware and software, transitioning from the PC, getting started on the Mac and more.

The dates and specific meeting details include:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 – Considering the Mac
Most of us have seen the clever “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” commercials on TV. When you consider a Mac as your computer, though, what are your really getting?

This introductory meeting will provide you a high-level overview of what current Macs offer. Learn what applications are included with every Mac and how you can use them to replace other, expensive software packages. Also learn how comparison shop for a Mac so that you can meet – or exceed – your current PC configuration.

* Note that several Macintosh computers will be available for you to try.

August 14, 2007 – Moving to the Mac
The second in the series Welcome to Mac, learn more about transferring and transforming your computing experience. Where can you buy a Mac and Mac software that you may need? What about anything else you may need, such as cables, printers, etc.? Learn how to transfer your files from one computer to another, and where your files will be located on a Mac. In addition, participate in a discussion of the many Mac-related support resources available in the area.

September 11, 2007 – Making the most of the Mac
The third and final in the series Welcome to Mac. Learn about performing software updates on your Mac, how much of a concern viruses, spyware and malware should be, and how to “bridge” the need for any PC applications that may not be available for the Mac. Also learn more about instant messaging applications that will keep you in touch with friends – no matter what kind of computer they use.

Visit the Charlotte Apple Computer Club web site for complete details, and to learn more about their group and their other activities.

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