Coladia Offers Game Discount for Mac User Group Members

Coladia has a new discount on one of their game titles.

(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

“Secret of the Lost Cavern” Adventure: Half Price

Coladia’s game plunges the player into an inspiring adventure that takes place during the Paleolithic period in prehistoric times. Arok, a young hunter, discovers an entry to a cavern and his quest begins. During his journey, he must survive the rugged wilderness, brave wild animals, traverse raging rivers and much more.

With a regular price of $39.90 (US), Apple user group members can buy this adventure for $19.90 (US). A demo version is also available.

This worldwide offer is valid through May 31, 2009.

To obtain the discount code, contact your Mac User Group leader or your Apple Regional Liaison.

Apple User Group Advisory Board Web Site

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