ConceptDraw Office Special Discount for Mac User Group Members Available

CS Odessa
The MUG Center is pleased to bring you another special Mac User Group discount offer, this time from our friends at Computer Systems Odessa for their product, ConceptDraw Office.

ConceptDraw Office is a single solution, seamlessly comprised of ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO to provide users with all the requirements of managing a workflow or project. The functionality of one stand-alone application is significantly extended, by utilizing the capabilities of the other applications within ConceptDraw Office.

Mac User Group members can get 10% off ConceptDraw Office by using the special MUG Center discount code.ConceptDraw Office
With ConceptDraw Office you are given tools which enable you to:

  • Turn ideas into projects: 
Copy information from ConceptDraw MINDMAP, then paste into ConceptDraw PROJECT as a project, resource or task.
  • Instantly build mind maps from your Gantt chart data:
A ConceptDraw PROJECT multi-project document becomes a multi-page mind map in ConceptDraw MINDMAP.
  • Display project data in the form of both a mind map or Gantt chart with the use of common data format of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PROJECT.
  • Generate WBS diagrams in ConceptDraw PRO from ConceptDraw PROJECT data directly from your project files.
  • Send project tasks to participants directly from ConceptDraw MINDMAP as an email attachment, and receive task completion reports in the form of mind maps.
  • Create and share visual and professional graphical reports to present up to date project flow and status that is most suitable for your specified audience.

More about ConceptDraw Office can be found on the product web site.

Mac User Group members can save 10% by
ordering ConceptDraw Office and using the special promotion code of: office0691_MUGcenter

This offer is available globally and expires 12/25/08.

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