User Group Best Practices: Privacy Policies

This is a simple tip, but it will help distinguish your user group as a competent, modern organization, aware of its responsibilities to its members and itself: draft and adopt a privacy policy. Is that really necessary? At the moment, from a legal standpoint, no. But with the focus on personal information confidentiality brought about […]

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User Group Best Practices: Web Site Tips

More than almost anything other than interesting meetings, your group needs to produce and maintain an effective web site. More than any other single point of contact, your web site is the identity of your group. It keeps your members informed of what the group is doing, (hopefully) attracts new members, helps vendors make decisions […]

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User Group Best Practices: Tips for Attracting New Members

by Warren Williams and Cathleen Merritt of The AppleWorks Users Group One of the important challenges faced by user group leaders is finding ways to attract new members to your organization. Of course, the key to expanding your membership is to offer exciting, interesting programs at your meeting. If your meetings are boring, your efforts […]

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