Information on Extending an Offer Exclusively Through The MUG Center

Thank you for your interest in extending a user group-specific offer through The MUG Center. By working with us, you will receive feature-level coverage that offers made through other channels do not enjoy. Our goal is to have your offer generate as much interest and excitement in the Apple user group community as possible. The information on this page will detail how your offer will be communicated and what we need to maximize its effectiveness.

Publicity of offer:
By extending your offer as a MUG Center Exclusive User Group Offer, you receive:

  • Announcement on our front page, as a day’s lead story, with graphic placement and link to the dedicated offer page.
  • Submission of the headline to MacSurfer early Eastern Time, to give the headline maximum duration if accepted for publication.
  • Dedicated page outlining your product and offer in detail, with graphic placement and link back to your site. Product and offer description are not limited in size and may include screenshots if applicable.
  • Highlighted, "MUG Center Exclusive" listing on our main Vendor Offers page, with brief summary of discount, expiration date and availability.
  • Deadline Reminder on The MUG Event Calendar, with front page reminder one week before deadline (featured text placement guaranteed; graphic placement if possible).
  • Inclusion of the announcement as a dedicated entry in The MUG Center Briefing, our weekly email newsletter of our site headlines and the next week’s events in the world of Mac User Groups. The Briefing is distributed both through our own email list as well as through the Apple User Group Discussion list, and to several other Mac email lists and Mac press outlets for possible inclusion or publication.
  • Inclusion, as a highlighted MUG Center Exclusive, in each edition of Vendor Offer Watch and link to your dedicated offer page. (Vendor Offer Watch is our article, updated each time user group offers are extended or expire) posted to the MUG Center’s Newsletter Content email list, a closed list for user group newsletter editors and web masters. The article, listing all in-force user group offers, has been praised by editors as the best comprehensive source of discount information for their members.)
Sample placement:
– 10% off all products; available globally, expires 12/31/05
– More info: <>
– Order URL: <>
  • Controlled distribution of the information necessary to take advantage of the offer to lessen the chances of unrestricted access. We can manage the distribution of your code, or refer interested parties directly to you, as you choose.

What we need:
In order to present your offer in the best possible fashion, it helps to have you provide the following:

  • Illustrator or EPS verson of your company logo (preferred), web-ready version of your company logo, Illustrator or EPS version of your product logo or box shot, or web-ready version of your product logo or box shot
  • A description of your product for the offer page. There is no restriction on space, though we suggest a reasonable, practical limit
  • The coupon code, unique URL or whatever information is necessary for a reader to take advantage of the offered discount.
  • The expiration date of the offer. We recommend a minimum 3-month offer period to allow the editors of physical user group newsletters time to obtain the offer, include it in their publications and for members to receive and take advantage of it. We do not recommend unlimited time offers only because they can become "lost." It is better to renew an offer or update it following expiration.
  • The availability of the offer. We always recommend that an offer be made globally whenever possible. If there is a limitation i.e U.S. only, North America only, etc., please specify to avoid confusion.

What this costs:
Nothing! By extending special offers to the Mac user group community, you are supporting the organizations we champion. We appreciate that and want to support your efforts in return.

Other opportunities
The MUG Center also offers several paid advertising options to further enhance your product’s visibility to the Mac User Group communithy.

If you would like more information, please email [email protected]. We look forward to working with you.

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