Excerpts from the “The Mac OS X Lexicon” Available for User Group Publications

Cover Mac Lexicon
Take Control: The Mac OS X Lexicon is the most recent effort from author Sharon Zardetto. Now, Mac User Groups can share some of Sharon’s work in their publications.

Sharon is offering “The X-Lex,” excerpts from her book, for MUG publication reprint, each for a limited time. These short articles define and explain terminology from the world of Apple in an informative and entertaining fashion.

To get a copy of the current X-Lex, Just visit The X Lex at 33Things to get the current version. While Sharon isn’t requiring any registration to use the articles, she would like to know who’s publishing her articles, so be sure to sign up and thank her for her support of user groups.

Listen to Sharon talk about Take Control: The Mac OS X Lexicon, and her background with Mac User Groups, on MacVoices #803.

Mac User Group leaders can get a free copy of Take Control books for review or raffle, and offer their members a discount on this and all Take Control books by joining the Take Control User Group Program. Check our Vendor Programs page for details.

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