Find a Mac User Group

There are hundreds of Macintosh User Groups all over the globe. Use these resources to locate the one(s) closest to you.

The MUG Center’s Surfboard
This comprehensive list of active user group web sites is in analog format, for easy browsing, and gives one a sense of the size of the MUG community. Yes, the page takes a few seconds to load, but you’ll find the wait well worth it.

Apple’s Macintosh User Group Locator
This Apple’s list of officially registered groups; search by country or state.

Apple UK & Ireland

The Apple UK site lists MUGs local to these areas. NOTE: This is separate from the main Locator.

The Apple Regional Liaison Team
The RLT is a team of volunteer MUG leaders who serve as focal points for MUG contact in various regions around the globe. They can assist in your search for a MUG near you.

The Apple Store
Visit the Genuis Bar at your local Apple Store to obtain information on how to contact a Macintosh User Group in your area.

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