Former Apple User Group Program Manager Diane Cohn Discusses Social Networking on MacVoices

Social networks are a hot topic of discussion, but how do they relate to Mac User Groups?

Diane Cohn
Diane Cohn, the former Apple User Group Program Manager and member several of Apple’s web team has a unique perspective on the social networking phenomenon and wants to know what you think of the current options and the desirability of a social networking option just for the users of Apple products. In the newest edition of MacVoices, Diane shares her experiences since leaving Apple and explains how involvement in social networks has been instrumental to her success in her new occupation. She talks about how social networks represent a natural evolution of Apple enthusiast interaction, the benefits, and the differences between traditional user group models, online forums and the new interactive options.

If you’re interested in The MUG Center’s ongoing discussions of User Groups 2.0, this is an interview you’ll find thought-provoking.

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