Former Apple User Group Regional Liaison Colya Kaminiarz Passes

Colya Kaminiarz
We’re sorry to report that former Apple Regional Liaison Team member Colya Kaminiarz has passed away at the age of 36.

Colya was the second member of the Apple Regional Liaison Team to represent Canada, succeeding original member Heidi Kreiner-Leyser and serving from March 2002 through October 2004.

An active member of several Canadian Macintosh User Groups, Colya was at least as busy in the health care industry, serving as a respiratory therapist and in related positions at Vancouver General Hospital, Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver and with the Canadian Medevac program.

Charles DeVore of the Portland Macintosh User Group (PMUG) summed up many of our thoughts about Colya, having met him at several Macworlds and MacCamps. “Colya was a nice guy and fun to be around. (He) was very active with Apple User Groups in Canada and I’m sure he will be missed.”

Colya’s family has updated his blog with details of his life and where condolences may be sent.

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