Grubby Games Makes User Group Offer

Grubby Games provides Mac User Group discount on one of their games.

(from the Apple User Group Bulletin)

My Tribe Paradise: 50 Percent Off

Create a perfect island paradise with My Tribe from Grubby Games. Shipwrecked on a beautiful tropical island, your brave little tribespeople must build a new home. With your guidance, the tribe will uncover mysterious secrets, research new technologies and construct massive wonders. Return often to feed your tribe, clothe them and look after the babies and children.

The regular price is $19.95 (US), but Apple user group members are offered this exclusive 50 percent discount, which also applies to any bundled applications.

Join the adventure.

This worldwide offer is valid through June 30, 2009.

To obtain the discount code, contact your Mac User Group leader or your Apple Regional Liaison.

Apple User Group Advisory Board Web Site

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