Guy Kawasaki Gives Mac User Groups a High Five

In an article from the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine, Guy Kawasaki gives Mac User Groups a “high five” in relation to Apple’s current level of success.

Guy Kawasaki
"I got my first taste of user groups when I worked for Apple. Speaking at user group meetings was one of my great pleasures. Their members were unpaid, raging, thunderlizard evangelists for Apple and sustained the company by supporting its customers when Apple couldn’t–or didn’t want to–support them itself."

"Now that Apple is the homecoming queen again, there are lots of people claiming credit for its success. The Apple user-group community deserves a high-five, too."

Guy goes on to identify how companies can crete and build communities around their products or services, obviously drawing on his days as Apple’s chief evangelist. If you’re familiar with the history of Mac User Groups and Guy’s involvement with it, you are bound to recognize some of the key points in the article.

Check out the entire article, then grab a copy of Guy’s most recent book, “The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything”, and visit Guy’s blog, How to Change The World.

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