Latest Take Control eBook Focuses on Doing More With Your iPod

The latest Take Control eBook released will help anyone do more with their iPod.
Take Control of the iPod: Beyond The Music
The TidBITS User Group Program has been updated with the newest offering from author Steve Sande, Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music. Think the iPod is just for music? Think again.

“Almost completely rewritten, this second edition covers the latest in iPod technology, explains the basics for new users, and helps everyone find more practical (and fun) uses for their iPods. The 134-page book covers over a dozen major iPod uses, ranging from reading email and RSS feeds to running Keynote and PowerPoint presentations.

User Groups who are part of the TidBITS User Group Program can download one free copy for raffle or review, and offer their members a 10% discount on this and all TC eBooks.

You can hear Steve Sande discuss the book and give some tips on doing more with your iPod on MacVoices #760, and learn about the TidBITS User Group program in our Vendor Programs section.

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