Louisville Computer Society April Meeting Kicks Off Four Months of MacNotables

The Louisville Computer Society (LCS) is planning something a little different for several of their upcoming meetings: Four months of MacNotables.
Louisville Computer Society
The series of video iChats that LCS has dubbed the “Professional Mac Journalists Lecture Series” will be held with members of the MacNotables panel, starting on April 24 with a virtual visit by author and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko.

On May 22, the series will feature a very logical double-header with Tonya and Adam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control eBooks talking about their latest endeavors, and will continue on June 26th with author, columnist and master Mac troubleshooter Ted Landau providing tech tips as only he can.

The series will wrap up on July 24 with Chuck Joiner talking about his role as the host and producer of both MacNotables and MacVoices, as well as editor of The MUG Center.

As with any appearance by any of the MacNotables’ panelists, the presentations will include opinions Apple events as they are happening at the time and commentary on the best products and services available to Mac users.
For more information on attending the meetings, visit the LCS web site, and hear from the entire panel of “Mac Experts You Want to Hear From” on the MacNotables web site.

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