Mac User Group Email Lists

One of the easiest ways to connect to the larger MUG community is to join one or more of the email discussion lists. Many groups run their own individual lists for the benefit of their members. These lists cut across the broader spectrum, to user group leaders from around the world.

The MUG Center Email Lists

The MUG Center Briefing features site updates and news of interest to the Macintosh User Group community. Included are a weekly update of user group news, information and site headlines. This is an announce-only list that will keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world of Mac user groups and The MUG Center.

The Newsletter Content Email List was created for the specific purpose of sharing information and content geared toward Macintosh User Group newsletters. This is a discussion list with a very specific topic range and permitted use. It includes regular postings of articles by user group authors and editors from around the globe, “Mac 911” by Chistopher Breen, reminders of TidBITS publication and contents, and The MUG Center’s own columns, Web Watch and Vendor Offer Watch. The list is open to editors and leaders of Mac user groups, and requires the submission of user group credentials to join.

Apple’s User Group Email Lists

Apple runs two MUG-oriented mailing lists. The first is the Apple User Group Discussion list (AUGD), which is open to any and all interested members of the Macintosh User Group community. This is a discussion list, allowing participation by members.

The second is a list for MUG leaders and officers, the Apple User Group Bulletin (AUGB). You will get the latest information for and about MUGs, direct from the mothership. This list is announce-only.

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