Mac User Groups Will Have a Presence at London’s MacExpoLive

Mac User Groups will once again have a significant presence at a major trade show, this time at the MacExpoLive in London from October 25 – 27.

Volunteers from the member groups of Mac Users UK will be manning the user group stall, promoting both existing groups and also encouraging the formation of new groups in areas not covered by those organizations.

To add to the festivities, the stall will feature two separate competitions. The first will be awarded for sending the most members to the stall.

The second will the the farther-reaching, third annual UK & Irish MUGs Photographic Competition. Open to all comers, entries can be made in this year’s categories of The Face, Water, Travel and Children. Entries are being accepted through January 20, 2008. Get complete details, rules and entry instructions on the contest web site.

If you’re attending the Expo, stop in, say hello, and learn more about the member groups and what they offer.

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