Mac Users Can Help Save Net Radio

Save Net Radio
With the success of the iPod, the iTunes Store, GarageBand and more, it is clear that Mac users are enthusiastic about music. We are also huge fans of the online music streaming/discovery service Pandora, and with the iPhone’s full browser support, we can envision Pandora becoming even more popular among mobile users very shortly.

That’s why we want to make you aware of legislation, and how you can help defeat it, that has the potential to shut down Pandora as well as a significant portion of internet radio like those found under the “Radio” entry in your iTunes Library, the internet streams of your favorite terrestrial radio stations and more.

Tim Westergren

Pandora founder Tim Westergren was the guest on MacVoices #774 to outline how the proposed change in royalty structure could work, and how to make your voice heard by getting involved with

Tim explains how you can make a difference with just a phone call, email, fax or letter to your Senators and Representatives to support The Internet Radio Equality Act. If you enjoy Pandora or any internet radio station, you need to listen to what Tim has to say and contact your legislators.

We’ve added a “Save Net Radio” banner to this site and encourage you to do the same, as well as spread the word to your membership.

If you haven’t used internet radio, and especially Pandora, as a meeting topic for your group, it is the perfect presentation for those interested in music. The variety of options available are staggering and they are all free.

You can learn more about Pandora by listening to Tim’s other appearances on MacVoices, as well as interviews with several members of the Pandora team:

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