MacVoices Delivers Fifty-Three Macworld Expo-Oriented Shows to Share with Your Group

Macworld Conference & Expo is the year’s biggest Mac event and deserves extensive coverage. That’s why MacVoices delivered a total of fifty-three shows focusing on the people, companies and events that made this year’s show something extra-special.

Looking for a way to help share the depth of information from Macworld with your group? MacVoices’ coverage included the Road to Macworld 2007 series, four Daily Wrap-Up Panel Discussions, several shows featuring the presentations from the Adobe User Group & Professional Association Breakfast, and an extensive set of interviews recorded live on the show floor.

MacVoices also hosted a special event, MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora, where we talked with some of the key players from the online music service, Pandora, as well as some of the Bay area’s music celebrities and some very special Mac Pandora fans.

You don’t just have to listen either. You can see some of the MacVoices’ sights by visiting the MacVoices at Expo Photo Set on Flickr.

Use our complete listing of Macworld 2007 shows to easily find your favorites.

The complete set of Macworld shows include:

The Road to Macworld 2007

MacVoices at Expo: Daily Wrap-Up Panel Discussions:

Presentations from the Adobe User Group & Professional Association Breakfast

MacVoices at Expo Interviews

MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora

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