MUG Event Calendar – February 2009

Sunday 1-Feb
Monday 2-Feb Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Apple coming to Robina; 10 most useful Mac websites; Advanced photo editing in iPhoto; Bento 2; Jeff and more great gadgets
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – Macworld Report
Stanford/Palo Alto Macintosh Users GroupSteve Shepard, Developer of Storyist 2
Danbury Area Computer Society – IP Telephony
Nashville Mac Users – TBA
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – TBA
Tuesday 3-Feb Pennsylvania Macintosh Users’ Group – TBA
appleJAC – iWork ’09
Mac2MUG – How to Plan Your Summer Vacation (with your Mac)
Fresno Macintosh Users Group – Demos of new Microsoft Office 2008 and iLife ’09
New Orleans Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 4-Feb MacValley Macintosh Users Group – The Hilarious Reverend Doctor Bobby Mac presents ways you can manage that old Debbil Email!
Strait Macintosh Users Group – Beginners Series Part 4
Club Mac (Ireland) – 3G Mobile, iPhone Applications, Uesful Utilities, iWork ’09
Chicago Apple User GroupGordon Meyer Demonstrates Smart Homes Hacks
Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – Software crashes: cur and prevention
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – iTunes
Cape Cod Computer Society – Word Processors and Processing
Yale Macintosh Users Group – Back to Basics – Leopard
Alaskan Apple Users Group – Macworld 2009, Bento 2, Adobe Photoshop CS4
National Macintosh – TBA
Thursday 5-Feb Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group – Macworld Expo Review; overview of iWork ’09 and iLife ’09
Digital Arts Group – Dinner Gathering
Bracknell-Forrest Mac Users Group (United Kingdom) – TBA
Bux-Mont Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Friday 6-Feb
Saturday 7-Feb AUSOM (Australia) – Joe Cox of Apple Australia
Washington Apple Pi – "Welcome to Macintosh Screening
Pensacola Macintosh Users Group – The Ins and Outs of Google Part 2
Orange Apple Computer Club – TBA
Sunday 8-Feb
Monday 9-Feb Portland Macintosh Users Group – Macworld Senior Editor Dan Frakes will present "About Mac Gems and Things Apple"
Macintosh Computer Club of Calgary (Canada) – Round Table Q&A
Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – TBA
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – Some Quickies…and the TMUG iMac Give Away
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – iWork ’09 and iLife ’09
Tuesday 10-Feb Maryland Apple Core – Photography with a Scanner
Gateway Area Macintosh Users Group – Mail Rules and Creation of Calendar and Photo Albums from iPhoto
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group – iPhone
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Thoroughly Entertained: The Mac Media Jukebox
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Making the most of iTunes on your Mac
Apple PIE – Macworld 2009 and Bonjour
MacPower Macintosh Users Group – Tax Preparation Headaches? We Feel Your Pain
Corvallis Macintosh Users Group – Keynote ’09
Ashland Macintosh Users Group – FileMaker Database Software: Manage Projects, People & Assets
Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group – Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show
Santa Fe Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 11-Feb Hershey Apple CoreApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Apple CIDER -Automator
San Diego Macintosh Users Group – iLife ’09
Glasgow Macintosh Users Group (Scotland) – Backing Up Your Mac
Whatcom Macintosh Users Group – New Macs and Hardware
North Florida Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Victoria Macintosh Users Group (Canada) – TBA
Thursday 12-Feb Cambria Computer Club – Report on the 2009 Macworld Conference and Expo, a slideshow overview of the iBank personal finance application, a demonstration of the new Fujitsu SnapScan portable scanner and a discussion of some basic troubleshooting actions
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – OfficeMac 2008, iWork ’09, Neo Office and Open Office
Tidwater Area Macintosh Users Group – Image Capture, Sherlock/Spotlight, Stickies
East Bay Macintosh Users Group – MemoryMiner
Rhode Island Macintosh Users Group – Bento 2
Florida Macintosh Users Group – Tax Preparation Software
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group – iPhone and iPod touch Applications
North Florida Macintosh Users GroupJames Lee of Tropical Software
Colorado Macintosh Users GroupJeff Gamet Presents iLife ’09
MacPeople – TBA
The Michigan Apple – TBA
Friday 13-Feb Club Mac (Australia) – MyNetPhone – a VoIP Solution
Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Podcast Creation
Atlantic City Macintosh Users Group – Backing Up Your Mac
Club Mac of Monterey – How to Design A Free Google Website
Saturday 14-Feb Main Line Macintosh Users GroupApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Macintosh Association of Central New Jersey – Special Meeting at The Apple Store in Bridgewater Mall
Charlotte MacWorkshop – "What we love about our Apple products"
Macintosh Association of Central New Jersey – TBA
Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group – Upgrading Your Printer
Mac Mavericks – Disk First Aid
MACinAWE – Page Layout and Beyond
MacWaves – The iPod touch: Toy or Tool?
Apple Corps of Dallas – TBA
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 15-Feb MacGroup-Detroit – Making Databases with Bento 2
Double Click – "iLife ’09: the Latest and Greatest from Apple’s iLife Applications"
Central Wisconsin Macintosh Users Group – Digital Movies to DVD
Monday 16-Feb Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – TBA
Palmetto Macintosh Users Group – how to use a 3G iPhone, How to switch to a Mac, dual booting a system between Mac and Windows. How to use Facebook, and using the new features in iPhoto
Thumb Macintosh Users Group – Mac Tools
The Bristol & Bath Mac User Group (United Kingdom) – Mac Gaming
Tuesday 17-Feb New Jersey Macintosh Users GroupApple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users GroupJason Snell, Editorial Director of Macworld
North Coast Mac Users Group (California) – Digital Photography Expert Derrick Story
Omaha Macintosh Users Group – Total Reconstructive Surgery – The Plan
Macintosh Users Group Serving the Inland Empire – Getting the most from your digital camera; iPhoto ’09 First Look
Keystone MacCentral – Google Web Site Tour
Apples BC (Canada) – MacSpeech Dictate
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group – Adobe CS4
Grand Rapids Area Macintosh Users Group – Converting and backing up your DVD’s for use with your iPod
Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – TBA
Wednesday 18-Feb Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Scanning Negatives and Slides
MacCORE – MacCORE’s Last Official Meeting
Thursday 19-Feb Tri-Valley Macintosh Users GroupSmileOnMyMac Presents TextExpander nd PDFpen
Tidwater Area Macintosh Users Group – Installing and Restoring OS X
Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group – Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0
Kaiserslautern Apple Users Group (Germany) – "Welcome to Macintosh" Screening
ChattaMac – Productivity on the Mac
Fort Mac User Group – Security
Macintosh Southern Tier Apple Club – iWork, iTunes Apps for iPhone, iSale, MacWheel, "Will It Blend?"
ProMac Users Group – iWork’s Pages ’09
Arizona Macintosh Users Group – Elements and Photoshop
South West Florida Apple Computer Knowledgeable Society – The New iPhoto ’09. "Faces" and "Places" in action
Central Oregon Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Macintosh Multimedia Group (Australia) – TBA
Friday 20-Feb

MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – " Internetbrowser f¸r den MAC "

MacInside (Belgium) – Le Mac en couleur
Saturday 21-Feb Philadelphia Area Computer Society – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Sunday 22-Feb
Monday 23-Feb Napels Macintosh Users Group – Artists and Their Macs
Tuesday 24-Feb Internet Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – No Jobs but still a great Macworld
Des Moines Macintosh Users Group – iPhone/ iPod touch Applications

Indianapolis Final Cut Pro User Group – Getting Started with Motion; Red Giant Software

Macintosh Users Society of Philadelphia – Demos of iLife ’09
Upsate Apple User Group – TBA
Wednesday 25-Feb Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group – Butler Office Pro, TopXNotes, iPhoto ’09
Macintosh Users Group of Southern New Jersey – Adobe Photoshop Elements
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group – Dan Montgomery of Imagine Products showing ProxyMill, the P2 converter and ShotPut, the automated P2 offloader; Norman Hollyn, author of the brand new book "The Lean Forward Moment" on the craft of editing
Connecticut Macintosh Connection – TBA
Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group – TBA
Thursday 26-Feb Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – Creative Tax Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs
Midlands Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – iWork and iLife at the Apple Store
Central Victorian Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – iPhone and the App Store
Friday 27-Feb
Saturday 28-Feb Saginaw Macintosh Users Group – MacCamp
Okanagan Mac Meetup Group – TBA
Northeast Ohio Apple Core – Demo of iPhoto ’09, software to make panoramic photos and software to make a multi-photo poster
Washington Apple Pi – Home Networking Made Easy
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – TBA
North Florida Macintosh Users Group – Members Helping Members, Mac OS X Training
National Capital Apple Macintosh Users Group – TBA

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