MUG Event Calendar – February 2018

The MUG Event Calendar
Thursday 1-Feb
Friday 2-Feb
Saturday 3-Feb AUSOM (Australia) – Privacy and Safety on the Internet
Sunday 4-Feb Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – TBA
Monday 5-Feb Virginia Macintosh User Group -TBA
Wellington Macintosh Society (Kapiti – New Zealand) – Using Apple Photos
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – TBA
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – iPhone X and iOS 11: What you need to know
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – iPhone X reviews from the field; Shortcuts…there is an APP for that; The iPhone battery scandal; Cryptocurreny; Revisiting Keynote; High Sierra features; Security updates; Gadgets with Jeff
Tuesday 6-Feb
Danbury Area Computer Society – Net Neutrality Matters to CT
Boston Creative Pro User Group – No Announced Meeting
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
appleJAC – Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Report
Wednesday 7-Feb Chicago Macintosh Users Group – What kind of company is Apple?
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – iTunes
San Diego Macintosh Users Group – Video Night
Las Vegas Macintosh users Group – Fighting On-line Fraud
Naples MacFriends – TBA
Yale Macintosh Users’ Group – No Announced Meeting
Thursday 8-Feb Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Community Discussion
Upper Keys Macintosh Users Group
Bux-Mont Macintosh Users Group – Open Forum Meeting
Seattle Xcoders – Meeting
Friday 9-Feb Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – iOS Money Saving Apps
London Macintosh Users Group
Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Browser wars: the big three (Safari, Firefox and Chrome)
Saturday 10-Feb Main Line Macintosh Users Group – Drones – Now and Future
Southern California Macintosh Owners-Users Group – iPhone and iPad: Tips, Tricks and Apps We Couldn’t Live Without
Suburban Chicago Apple Users – Chuck Joiner of MacVoices on CES; Ray McKenzie of the Woodfield Apple Store
Apple Corps of Dallas – Adam Christianson on New iPhones and iOS Development
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group – MacCamp Meeting
North Coast Mac User Group – Let’s explore, a wonderful, free genealogy site
Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society – No Announced Meeting
Orange Apple Computer Club – Preview of Affinity Designer; Mac security with MacMost’s Gary Rosenzweig
MAC-in-AWE Macintosh User Group – MacCamp
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Tech Learning Day
Sunday 11-Feb
Monday 12-Feb Apple iClub – TBA
Portland Macintosh Users Group – 1Password for Familes
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group – Apple’s Notes
Tuesday 13-Feb Princeton Macintosh Users Group – Audio & Video Recording and Editing on the Mac
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Cowtown Mac Users Group – Show and Tell Night
MacIntech – TBA
Dallas Macintosh User Group – TBA
Capitol Macintosh – Jeff Gamet of The Mac Observer
Corvallis Macintosh User Group – TBA
South Suburban Chicago Apple Users – TBA
Maryland Apple Corps – General Discission of Current Issues
Santa Fe Macintosh User Group – TBA
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Naples MacFriends – Update on Current Cyber Security Threats + The Importance of Updating
New Hampshire Seacost Mac Users Group – Mac Tune Up
Wednesday 14-Feb Hershey Apple Core – No scheduled meeting
Apple CIDER – Cutting the Cord and the loss of Net Neutrality; Duet Display to use your iPad as a second display on your Computer
Sierra Nevada Apple User Group – TBA
ApplePickers – Numbers
Maui Apple Users Society – Rick Ortiz’s Akaku Upstairs Presentation on the iPhone
Ocala Macintosh User Group – Education Opportunities for Seniors
Alaskan Apple User Group – Chris Heinonen, writer for The Wirecutter and the founder and editor of ReferenceHomeTheater
Sierra Nevada Apple User Group – TBA
Boston Macintosh – TBA
Thursday 15-Feb Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Community Discussion
Chico Apple User Group – TBA
Friday 16-Feb
Saturday 17-Feb Houston Area Apple Users Group – Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
MacTechnics – Dynamic Demo Fair
MacNexus – "All Things Apple"
Macs@PACS – Move; Q&A
National Capital Apple Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 18-Feb Double-Click – TBA
MacGroup-Detroit – iMac Pro and HomePod
Monday 19-Feb Triangle Macintosh Users Group – Planning Meeting
Naples MacFriends – iOS 11 Class
Tuesday 20-Feb Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder Night
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – extension “Mail Butler” demo; How to find, listen and subscribe to PodCasts
Macintosh Meeting and Drinking Society – HomePod
Apple Pie User Group of Southeast Michigan – No Announced Meeting
Keystone MacCentral – Q&A
Maine Macintosh Owners & Operators Society – HomePod
Wednesday 21-Feb Naples MacFriends – TBA
MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – Muß ich auf das neue OSX umsteigen?
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange – 40th Anniversary
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – Learn some ways to back up you data
Central Oregon Macintosh Users Group – Tips & Tricks; HomePod
Lancaster County Apple Corps – Using Facebook "Well"
Thursday 22-Feb Seattle Xcoders – Meeting
Citrus Macintosh Users Group – TBA
McCormick County Mac User Group – iOS
Friday 23-Feb
Saturday 24-Feb Washington Apple PI – Your digital security depends on you
Northeast Ohio Apple Corp – High Sierra – a review of the latest version of MacOS
South Jersey Apple User Group – Compare High Sierra to El Capitan: What’s different and why you should upgrade
Kinki Mac User Group (Japan) – No Meeting
Sunday 25-Feb

Monday 26-Feb Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group – 1Password 2-factor support
Tuesday 27-Feb Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Upstate Apple Users Group – TBA
Wellington Macintosh Society (Wellington – New Zealand) – Annual General Meeting. Shortcuts, tips and tricks
Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – TBA
Wednesday 28-Feb Connecticut Macintosh Connection – Apple’s HomePod
Oceanside Mac User Group – Cutting the Cord and HomePod
Naples MacFriends – TBA
Gold Coast Mac User Group (FL) – Using iBooks app to store downloaded manuals; Paying for meds with Canpay
Sarasota Macintosh User Group – TBA
Los Angeles Creative Pro Users Group – Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy who will show off the brand new Transcriptive, automated transcriptions at a VERY affordable rate; Sven Pape aka This Guy Edits returns to show Eight Creativity Hacks for Filmmakers; Jason Bowdach will get creative with LUTs in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

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