MUG Event Calendar – March 2011

Tuesday 1-Mar

Fresno Macintosh Users GroupJon Parshall of CodeWeavers Demos CrossOver

appleJAC – Macworld Highlights
Mac2MUG – Shareware Goodies
Wednesday 2-Mar

Chicago Macintosh Users Group – Better Communication with Fonts

MacValley Macintosh Users Group – "Your iTunes Media Library-Keeping it running smooth and adding more than just iTunes to it!"
Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – Running Windows Programs on Your Mac"
MacValley Macintosh Users Group – iTunes
ClubMac (Ireland) – What’s New with Apple and Useful Utilities
Cape Cod Computer Society – Syncing with MobileMe and DropBox
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – AppleTV
Alaskan Apple Users Group -Managing Photo Files and File Strucuture; Apple TV, Intro to Blogging with Posterous and tumblr
San Diego Macintosh Users Group – Apple’s Preview; Skype; Parallels 6
Yale Macintosh Users Group – Digital Imagery (post-CES)
Thursday 3-Mar Silicon Mountain Macintosh User GroupBastian Wolfle of Boinx Software Presents FotoMagico
Bracknell-Forrest Mac Users Group (United Kingdom) – TBA
Englewood Area Mac User Group – TBA
Friday 4-Mar
Saturday 5-Mar AUSOM (Australia) – "Macman" Garry Barker Discusses Computing in the Cloud
Sunday 6-Mar
Monday 7-Mar Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – Printers – An Open discussion and User Recommendations
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – Online Taxes and Wireless Printing
Tuesday 8-Mar Stanford/Palo Alto Mac User GroupOriginal Mac Team Member and iApp Developer Bill Atkinson
Capitol MacintoshIntego Discusses Their Security Software Solutions
Charlotte Apple Computer ClubStephen Koob of the Apple Store demonstrates iLife ’11
MacinTech Users Group – Planning Meeting
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Command Line
Gateway Macintosh Users Group – iPad 2 and Office 11
Princeton Macintosh Users Group – Mobile and More, Highlights from the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show
MacWichita – New MacBook Pros; Thunderbolt Connector; New iPad 2
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Hardware and Maintenance
Mac@LehighValley Users Group – TBA
Macintosh Computer Club of Calgary (Canada) – TBA
Maryland Apple Core – TBA
Whatcom Macintosh Users Group – TBA
South Suburban Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 9-Mar Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – Apple Aperture 3
Apple CIDER – Screen Capture; CES and Macworld News
Greater Albany AppleByters – TBA
Apple Users Group North Queensland (Australia) – TBA
Thursday 10-Mar East Bay Macintosh Users GroupAdam Christianson of The MacCast
Tidewater Area Macintosh Users GroupBest Buy Apple Reps Show off the Latest Apple Hardware and Software
Laguna Woods Macintosh Users GroupDave Osborne of The Apple Store Will Demo The Mac App Store
Port Townsend Seriously Laid-back User Group – Introducing iWork
Cambria Computer Club – Going Paperless on Your Mac
MacPeople – Dashboard Widgets and Mac Maintenance; XMarks; Scanner Overview; Apple’s Latest Announcements
Colorado Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Friday 11-Mar Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Apple iWeb and TechTool Protogo demos; Dashboard Widgets and Preview; Phothshop Elements 9
Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – The iPad 2
Club Mac of Monterey – TBA
Saturday 12-Mar National Capital Apple Macintosh Users GroupRob Pegorano of The Washington Post presents Mac Tax Software
Main Line Macintosh Users Group – Microsoft Office: Mac 2011
Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group – Bento: The database for the rest of us
AppleCore of Dallas – RapidWeaver 101
Mac Mavericks – iTunes with the iPad and iPod
Transylvania Macintosh Users Group – Live Interior 3D; Keeping Your Software Current
The Northwest of Us – Improving Your Photography: Exploring Nature thourhgh the Lens; Using Adobe Lightroom to Manage and Improve Your Images
Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 13-Mar
Monday 14-Mar London Macintosh Users Group – Annual General Meeting
Portland Macintosh Users Group – Garmin GPS for Your Mac
Southern Maryland Mac User Group – TBA
Tuesday 15-Mar South Louisiana Final Cut Pro Users Group – Color Workflow
Cowtown Macintosh Users Group – Mail – Computers, Smart iPhones, iPads, Apple Mail
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – SuperSync
Apple Pie – Backups
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group – Create Your Home Entertainment Network
MacNexus – Meet iPad 2
Maine Macintosh Owners & Operators Society – 11 Tantalizing Tips for ’11
Arizona Macintosh Users Group – Codeweaver’s Crossover
Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – TBA
Grand Rapids Area Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 16-Mar ApplePickers – Artboard
SF Cutters – 11th Anniversary Meeting with Matt Silverman of Bonfire Labs; Adobe; Aja
MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – Drucken und Drucker
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Intro to high speed Internet (Boradband), BusyCal – iCal on steroids, Intro to the Mac App Store; Selected Mac Tips
Upstate Apple Users Group – TBA
Lancaster County Apple Corps – TBA
Thursday 17-Mar Syracuse Macintosh Users Group Adam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control
Tidewater Area Macintosh Users Group – iPhoto ’11
Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group – Go Paperless with Mac with compatible hardware and software
Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group – Home Networking – How to do it
Black Butte Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Fort Collins Mac User Group – TBA
Friday 18-Mar
Saturday 19-Mar North Coast Mac Users GroupDigital Photography Expert Derrick Story
MacTechnics – TBA
Tuscarawas County Mac Users Group – TBA
Sunday 20-Mar Double-Click – Apple’s iPad: Wecome to the Future
Central Wisconsin Apple Users Group – TBA
Monday 21-Mar Silicon Valley Macintosh User GroupMacworld Senior Editor Christopher Breen
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – TBA
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Tuesday 22-Mar Cape Cod Computer Society – Syncing with MobileMe and DropBox
Internet Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – An Apple for the Hypnotist…and the teacher; More on Filemaker and its portability
State Line Macintosh Users Group – Adobe Premier Elements 9; iWork Numbers
Sun City Mac Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 23-Mar Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group – Academy Award winning film editor Alan Heim to lafcpug. Alan will speak about his extraordinary career, the craft of editing, show clips from some of some of his movies and take questions from the audience.
Villages Macintosh Users Group – iPhoto Uses & Techniques
Macintosh Users East (Canada) – LifeStudio – a media management application; Lion Preview
Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group – TBA
Thursday 24-Mar Upper Keys Mac User Group – Pages ’09
Indianapolis Final Cut Pro User GroupAJA IoHD Building Fringe-like Open w/ Motion
Friday 25-Mar Citris Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Saturday 26-Mar Houston Area Apple Users Group – Microsoft Office 2011
Oceanside Mac User Group – Back to the Basics: Snow Leopard Part 3
Washington Apple Pi – Your Digital Life Part 1
Sunday 27-Mar MacGroup-Detroit – Learn HOw to Fix and Retouch Your Photos
Monday 28-Mar Wellington Macintosh Users Group (New Zealand) – Apple Tips & Tricks
North Coast Mac User Group (Ohio) – Stump the Gurus
Tuesday 29-Mar

Qatar Mac Users Group (Qatar) – Chuck Joiner of MacVoices and The MUG Center

Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia – Highlinghts of Macworld; Going Paperless
Wednesday 30-Mar Connecticut Macintosh Connection – iMovie ’11; Social Media
Macintosh Users Group of Southern NJ – Coffee and Good-Bye
Thursday 31-Mar Cleveland Digital Publishing Users GroupKyle Wiens of iFixit
Boston Final Cut Pro User Group – BOSFCPUG + BOSDSLR Mixer
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group – TBA

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