MUG Event Calendar – May 2008

Thursday 1-May Cambria Computer Club – Instructional videos for the Mac OS X applications of Mail, Pages and Keynote
Santa Fe Macintosh Users Group – Short Moive Festival
Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group – Safari 3 and RSS Feeds
Bracknell-Forrest Mac Users Group (United Kingdom) – Questions and Answers
Bux-Mont Mac Users Group – Tips & Tricks For Working Better With Your Mac
Friday 2-May
Saturday 3-May AUSOM (Australia) – Disc Production with Nicholas Pyers
Pensacola Macintosh Users Group – Learn About YouTube
Orange Apple Computer Club – Composer FX Movie & Image
MACtreff Düsseldorf (Germany) – " Der MAC (nicht nur) für Einsteiger
Sunday 4-May
Monday 5-May Stanford/Palo Alto Macintosh Users GroupDerrick Story on improving digital photography
Wellington Macintosh Society (New Zealand) – Time Machine and Time Capsule
Danbury Area Computer Society – The Remote Desktop
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Mac Essentials, Screen Sharing with Sam, Leopard extras, Widgets with Bops, gadgets with Jeff, Apple printing options, iDisk demonstration,Text to speech options, Numbers v Excel
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Time Machine Backups in Leopard
Virginia Macintosh Users Group – Keynote and Final Cut Express
ProMac Users Group – TBA
Tuesday 6-May Key Macintosh Users Group – Mac OS X Meeting
Fresno Macintosh Users Group – TBA
AppleQuerque – A Deeper Look at Mac OS X Leopard
North Queensland Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Address Book
Cowtown Macintosh Users Group – “Troubleshooting OS X, Tips and Techniques”
Des Moines InDesign User Group – Improve Productivity with InDesign
Pennsylvania Macintosh Users’ Group – Presentations on iWeb and Bento
Western Australian Macintosh User Group – TBA
Cowichan Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 7-May MUG ONE – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
East Bay Macintosh Users GroupJohn Christopher of DriveSavers
MacValley Users Group – Mac-Journal, Story Mill and Montage
Cape Cod Computer Society – Photos
MacWaves – Taking and stitching panoramic photographs; and CD and DVD burning.
Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – Mail part 1
Strait Macintosh Users Group – FileMaker vs. Bento
The Rest of Us – Adobe Photoshop Elements
Club Mac (Ireland) – Annual General Meeting and presentation on problem solving resources.
Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0 – .Mac 101. How to get the most out of it
Yale Macintosh Users Group – Mac OS X – Networking / Printing
Thursday 8-May Switzerland InDesign User Group (Switzerland) – Aus der InDesign-Entwicklung
Munich InDesign User Group (Germany) – 2. InDesignerAbend (Ort wird noch bekanntgegeben)
Rhode Island Macintosh Users Group – Vertus
Capitol Macintosh – CapMac Social at Sherlocks
Colorado Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – iPhone
Macintosh Asheville Computer Society – Adobe Illustrator CS 3
New York FileMaker Developers Group – Bento and Adobe AIR
Switzerland InDesign User Group – Aus der InDesign-Entwicklung
Boston InDesign User Group – Authoring Interactive and Accessible PDFs with InDesign
Munich InDesign User Group – 2. InDesignerAbend
Portland InDesign User Group – TOC
MacPeople – TBA
Friday 9-May Long Island Macintosh Users Group – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Atlantic City Macintosh Users Group – iLife ’08
Club Mac of Monterey – Skype
Saturday 10-May Main Line Macintosh Users GroupBob LeVitus’ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
NorthWest of Us – Bill Kaiser from FileMaker
MacMavericks – Numbers
Mac-In-Awe Macintosh Users Group – MacCamp
National Capital Apple Macintosh Users Group – “Back Up Your Mac, Part II”
The Mac Group Dayton – TBA
Apple Corps of Dallas – TBA
Sunday 11-May
Monday 12-May Portland Macintosh Users GroupTerry White Demonstrates Photoshop Elements
Lockheed Martin Macintosh User Group – Microsoft Office 2008
London Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Scrivener
Wellington Macintosh Society (New Zealand) – Switching from Windows to Macintosh
Triangle Macintosh User Group – VectorDesigner and Pixelmator
Toronto InDesign User Group – InDesign Text controls and Styles
Bristol & Bath Mac User Group (United Kingdom) – TBA
Southern Maryland Mac User Group – TBA
Tuesday 13-May Princeton Macintosh Users’ GroupBob LeVitus’ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
MacPowerDon McAllister of ScreencastsOnline
Seacoast Macintosh Users GroupDave Hamilton of The Mac Geek Gab
Midlands Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – Martin Schneider from MYOB
Exeter Macintosh User Group (United Kingdom) – Using videos on your mac (this is not video editing, more use of viewers, compression, sending to friends, etc)
3 Counties Macintosh User Group (United Kingdom) – Time Machine (and Time Capsule), Super Duper and more
Maryland Apple Corps – Gadgets, Gizmos and the Pursuit of Productivity!
Oxford Macintosh Users Group (United Kingdom) – iWork: Keynote, Pages and Numbers
Corvallis Macintosh User Group – Struggling with iTunes and your iPod? Learn how to work with CD audio book files, use Library-to-Go files, share iTunes music files between users, and get your audio book & podcast files into the proper folders.
South Mississippi Mac Users Group – Comparison of Microsoft Word 2008 vs. Pages and Open Office
Chicago InDesign User Group – Our Favorite InDesign Feature You Don’t Know Yet
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Spam, Scams and Phishing
Atlanta Macintosh Users Group – Google Power Tools
Macintosh MultiMedia Group (Australia) – Selecting the correct paper stocks & inks and Online storage and backups
Seattle InDesign User Group – Adobe University
MacWichita Users Group – TBA
Sarasota/Manatee Macintosh User Group – TBA
Lakeland Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Davis Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 14-May Hershey Apple CoreBob LeVitus Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour
New Jersey Mac Apple Users Group – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Bellarine Mac User Group (Australia) – Making the most of the Internet – The Mac Workshop
Sierra Nevada Apple User Group – Review of Mac OS X Leopard
Victoria Macintosh Users Group (Canada) – Nick’s Picks
Lansing Area Macintosh and Lisa Users Group – iMovie
Club Mac (Australia) – Office 2008
Whatcom Macintosh Users Group – 1Password/General Security and Password Tips/Wireless Networks
North Florida Macintosh Users Group – Member’s Favorites: "Spreadsheets, Spell Catcher X, Buying Tips, Parental Controls "
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – Backup Procedures
Glasgow Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Serious Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Thursday 15-May Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group – .Mac presented by Apple Store Staff
Tex-MUG – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dreux Ste. Marie
Arizona Macintosh Users Group – Accounting
Syracuse Macintosh Users Group – Sharing Your Mac
Fort Mac User Group – iTunes
Syracuse Macintosh Users Group – Mac Security
Cambria Computer Club – Fixes for almost everything
MacChico Macintosh Users Group – What NOT to do to your Mac!
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – Backing Up Panel Discussion
Kaiserslautern Apple Users Group (Germany) – TBA
ProMac Users Group – TBA
Friday 16-May MacInside (Belgium) – TBA
South Jersey Apple Users Group – Show and Tell
Saturday 17-May Annapolis Apple Slice – Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra
Diablo Valley Maintosh Users Group – Special Event: iLife in Your Life with Jim Heid
Philadelphia Area Computer Society – Tech Trends and Toys for 2008
Houston Area Apple Users Group – 10 Mostly Useless Things You Can Do with Your Mac’s Accelerometer
MacTechnics – Photoshop Elements 6 plus Online Photo Editors
AppleMousse – TBA
Sunday 18-May MacGroup Detroit – Michael Simmons of Ambrosia Software
NorthWest Apple Pickers – Web-based vs. Client-based Email
Central Wisconsin Macintosh Users Group – "The most often computer repairs requested by Apple computer users"
Double Click – “Macs in Business: From the Front Office to Point of Sale”
MacInSteins Macintosh User Group – backing up files using Time Machine and other software options, as well as online backup services such as JungleDisk
Monday 19-May Thumb Macintosh Users Group – Ryan Ritchey from The Digital
MacMeetings – Productivity
San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Apple Dayton – TBA
Tuesday 20-May MacNexusJennifer Bell of Prosoft Engineering
Diablo Valley Maintosh Users GroupJames Lee of Tropical Software
North Coast Macintosh Users GroupJohn Christopher of DriveSavers
Design Matters (Japan) – Address Earth
Apples BC (Canada) – An Introduction/Overview of Aperture and Computer Hygiene
Macintosh Users Group of Delaware – Kismac, and a collection of Leopard and Tiger Easter eggs
Grand Rapids Area Macintosh Users Group – iMovie ’08 vs Final Cut Express
Greer Macintosh Users Group – "You Really Oughta Be In Pixels" Macintosh graphic magic !
San Luis Obispo Macintosh Users Group – Mac Basics
Keystone MacCentral – iPhoto ’08 Essential Training DVD
AppleCore of Memphis – Lock Down Your Mac
Cleveland InDesign User Group – Typography
Omaha Macintosh Users Group – OMUG Picnic
Macintosh Users Group Serving the Inland Empire – Microsoft Office 2008
Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – Lake Erie Graphics Sustainability in business seminar
East Tennessee Macintosh User Group – Extended Q&A Session
Wednesday 21-May Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group – "Encoding Night"
Bay Area InDesign User Group – Adobe/San Francisco
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac; Using Keychain and Sharing and controlling the Mac desktop from another Mac
MacCORE – From Maintenance -Backups – Partitions and Drives
MACtreff Düsseldorf (Germany) – iLife
Eugene Macintosh Users Group – Digital Photography "Soup to Nuts"
Lancaster County Apple Corps – TBA
Palm Beach Macintosoh User Group – Using Quark, InDesign CS2, Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Illustrator CS2 to perform desktop publishing
Madison Macintosh Users Group – Keynote
University of Utah – Mac Managers – "Whats New", "CrashPlan", "Ruby on Rails Apps on Mac OS X 10.5", and "Self-Serving Account"
Boston Final Cut Pro Users GroupAlex Lindsay of Pixelcorps and Peter McAuley of Boris FX
MacCORE – Mac Maintenance and Backups
Oak Creek Apples Macintosh Users Group – TBA
South West Florida Apple Computer Knowledgeable Society – TBA
Thursday 22-May Central Victorian Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Using Pages, Numbers and extra features of Preview
South Florida FInal Cut Pro Users Group – Matrox presents the MXO2 I/O device and a presentation of the Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX camcorder
West Pasco Macintosh User Group – Mac Tips
BeachMug – TBA
Friday 23-May Citrus Macintosh Users Group – Bento by FileMaker
Ringo Macintosh User Group (Japan) – TBA
Saturday 24-May Huntsville Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Sunday 25-May Kinki Macintosh Users Group (Japan) – Marketing your ideas on the cheap with your Mac – with Garr Reynolds
Monday 26-May Center City Philadelphia Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Tuesday 27-May Internet Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – Mac’s Lazy Design and A Journey to another world: Virtual worlds: Teaching ‘Life’ with Second Life
Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia – Bento by FileMaker
State Line Macintosh Users Group – SPAM or Leopard, iWork
Lincoln Hills Macintosh Users Group – Member’s Showcase
Update Apple User Group – iTunes for Non-iPod users
Okanagan Mac Meetup Group (Canada) – TBA
Arcadia Area Apple User Group – TBA
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Des Moines Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Wednesday 28-May South Bay Apple Mac User GroupAllison Sheridan on How to make a Podcast
Suffolk Mac User Group (United Kingdom) – Home Networking, Final Cut Express and a little bit on Aperture by Brad Clark of The Apple Store
South Louisiana Final Cut Pro Users Group – DVD Studio Pro
Macintosh Users East (Canada) – Spreadsheets in Excel and Automator
The Villages Macintosh Users Group – Backing Up Your Mac
ApplePickers – Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Macintosh Users Group of Southern New Jersey – iPhoto ’08
Oceanside Macintosh Users Group – Reaching Your Roots
Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group – TBA
Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group – MaxBulk Mailer; Creating Customized Email blasts with MS Office; Skype
Thursday 29-May Tampa InDesign user Group – TBA
South Louisiana Final Cut Pro Users Group – Inaugural Meeting of the Lafayette Chapter
SF Cutters – Director Vicki deMey will be screening clips from her new supernatural feature, "The DeadSleep"; Steve Martin of Ripple Training will present Soundtrack Pro; Wes Plate of Automatic Duck will talk about timeline translation software between Final Cut Pro and After Effects, Pro Tools, AVID and more; Final Cut Server from Kris Koch of Advanced Systems Group
Friday 30-May Washington Apple PiBob LeVitus‘ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour (Mac Masters Series)
Connecticut Macintosh Connection -Hands-On Workshops on Adobe Photoshop, Apple iWeb and Adobe Illustrator
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Saturday 31-May Washington Apple PiBob LeVitus‘ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour (Mac Masters Series)
Washington Apple PiBob LeVitus‘ Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour (afternoon general meeting)
AUSOM (Australia) – The Macworld Expo Experience
Northeast Ohio Apple Corps – Your Favorite Apps Continued
Triad Apple Core – TBA
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DEADLINE: Azure Talon Software User Group Offer
DEADLINE: Dejal User Group Offer

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