MUG Event Calendar – September 2016

The MUG Event Calendar
Thursday 1-Sep Bux-Mont Macintosh Users Group – Open Forum Meeting
Friday 2-Sep
Saturday 3-Sep Orange Apple Computer ClubAllison Sheridan on Photos amd Affinity Photo
Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society – Preparing Digital Photos for Printing
AUSOM (Australia) – GarageBand Extravaganza
Sunday 4-Sep
Monday 5-Sep Wellington Macintosh Society (Kapiti – New Zealand) – Audio Capture and Music Creation
Tuesday 6-Sep Danbury Area Computer Society – Samsung Smartphones and Tablets
Fresno Macintosh Users GroupUpdates from Apple; Photo Editing; Special Guest TBA
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
appleJAC – Mac@Work
Wednesday 7-Sep Fox Valley Macintosh Users Group – Mac OS Sierra 10.12
San Diego Macintosh Users Group – All About PDFs
Yale Macintosh Users’ Group – Anti-Virus for Macs (Yes, you need this!)
Chicago Macintosh Users GroupWireless Communications
Thursday 8-Sep Upper Keys Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Seattle Xcoders – Meeting
MacPeople – TBA
Black Canyon Macintosh User Group – TBA
Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – What’s Available in Social Networking
Friday 9-Sep Atlantic City Area Macintosh Users Group – WWDC 2016
Long Island Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Saturday 10-Sep Main Line Macintosh Users Group – Common Sense Computing Safe & Secure Computing in Today’s World
Southern California Macintosh Owners-Users GroupJoe Kissell talks about "The Future of Macs in a Post-PC World"
Las Vegas Macintosh users Group – Numbers, Keynote
South Suburban Chicago Apple UsersMaia Olson of Smile Software; WiFi; Going Paperless
Apple Corps of Dallas – The World of Digital Painting
MAC-in-AWE Macintosh User Group – TBA
Redding Macintosh Users Group – TBA
National Capital Apple Macintosh Users Group – Note-Taking Applications
Sunday 11-Sep
Monday 12-Sep London Macintosh Users Group – Q&A
Virginia Macintosh User Group – Latest Product Updates
Portland Macintosh Users Group – What You Should Know About iOS
Gold Coast Macintosh User Group (Australia) – Apple TV – what makes this model so different?; Hands on Music recording and editing. Using the ZoomH6 and Yeti Pro.; Password Manager; Jeffs Gadgets; Setting up a firewall; Finding extra HD space
Sydney Macintosh Users Group (Australia) – TBA
Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group – Anti-Virus programs
Apple iClub – TBA
Triangle Macintosh Users Group – GarageBand
Tuesday 13-Sep Princeton Macintosh Users Group – Airmail 3: The e-mail app Apple should have made
Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Cowtown Mac Users Group – TBA
MacIntech – Communication Programs
Santa Fe Macintosh User Group – Open Discussion – Featured Topic TBA
Capitol Macintosh – Can Health Devices Know Too Much?
Ocala Macintosh User Group – Mac Tips and Tools
Charlotte Apple Computer Club – Overview of the announcements shared at the Apple Event
MacWichita – LivingSound
Wednesday 14-Sep Hershey Apple Core – Tech Talk Dinner
Apple CIDER – How CIDER does Video Streaming; A sample of Mac Educational Websites
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group

Letís Make a Photo Book!

ApplePickers – Hype 3
San Luis Obispo Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Alaskan Apple User Group – Technology Exploding in Classrooms
Sierra Nevada Apple User Group – TBA
Boston Macintosh – TBA
Thursday 15-Sep Tidewater Macintosh Users Group – TarMac Meetup (How to Find Local Groups in Your Area of Interest)
Chico Apple User Group – Traveling with your iPhone and iPad
Friday 16-Sep
Saturday 17-Sep Houston Area Apple Users Group – All Things Photography
MacTechnics – TBA
Annapolis Apple Slice – iOS 10 and macOS Sierra and a tour of the new iPhone 7
Dallas Macintosh User Group – TBA
Sunday 18-Sep Double-Click – “Report from the MacStock Conference”
MacGroup-DetroitTerry White presents “Kick Butt Photoshop and Lightroom Tips”
Monday 19-Sep San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group – Accessibility in iOS
Silicon Valley Macintosh Users GroupChristian Pickman of TechTool Pro
Tuesday 20-Sep Seattle Xcoders – NSCoder Night
MacNexus – TBA
Macintosh Meeting and Drinking Society – What’s New in iOS 10 and the new iPhones?
Apple Pie User Group of Southeast Michigan – How to Prepare for the Inevitable: Recovery Drive
Keystone MacCentral – iPhone 7, the Series 2 Watch, and Air-Pods; demo of Dreamscope
Maine Macintosh Owners & Operators Society – macOS Sierra MMega-MMeeting
Wednesday 21-Sep Central Oregon Macintosh Users Group – TBA
MACtreff Dusseldorf (Germany) – Der Mac im Netzwerk
Maui Apple Users Society – Introducing iOS 10 and the toys that go with it!
Diablo Valley Macintosh Users Group – Mac Family Tree
Eugene Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Lancaster County Apple Corps – macOS Sierra
Thursday 22-Sep Seattle Xcoders – Eastside Meeting
Tucson Macintosh Users Group – Utilities You Should Own: MacCheck testing software for Mac; Apple Security Update; Little Known Features & Secrets
Friday 23-Sep Citrus Macintosh Users Group – TBA
Saturday 24-Sep Northeast Ohio Apple User Group – Preview of the new iOS
South Jersey Apple User Group – Tags – What Are They and How to Use Them
Washington Apple PIAaron Davis from Apple
Sunday 25-Sep

Monday 26-Sep
Tuesday 27-Sep Seattle Xcoders – NSCoders Night
Macintosh Users of Deleware – TBA
Wednesday 28-Sep Connecticut Macintosh ConnectionAdam Christianson on RSS Readers
Oceanside Mac User Group – TBA
Gold Coast Mac User Group – Special Coverage of NEW Features in iOS X; NEW Mac OS Sierra
North Coast Mac User Group – Photoshop SIG
Boston Creative Pro User Group – Special "GIANT" Virtual Reality Event
Macintosh Users East (Canada) – Augmented reality
Sarasota Macintosh User Group – TBA
Los Angeles Creative Pro Users Group – The magical CineXinsert, Cinedeck’s stand-alone, file-to-file insert edit application. Also GoPro Entertainment will be presenting. They will talk about how you can get paid for your best GoPro content through two of GoPro’s latest programs: GoPro Awards and Content Licensing! GoPro will also include an informational session about GoPro’s freelance editor community for those who are interested in editing a variety of GoPro content and want to continue to improve their skill set.

Plus Larry Jordan and Norman Hollyn return after a long long time to talk Documentaries & Jordan and Hollyn Night

Thursday 29-Sep

Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group – Apple Keynote and Presentation Skills for the Graphic Artist

Friday 30-Sep

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