MUG Tips & Tricks: Organize Your Meeting Materials…On Wheels

Most user groups meet in rented or borrowed space.While computers, projectors and monitors usually need to be transported in dedicated cases, there are a wide variety of supplies and items that you need (or may need) at every meeting. Pens, paper, scissors, tape, newsletters, membership flyers, extension cords, power strips, ethernet cables, t-shirts, raffle tickets, name badges and much more must make the trek from someone’s garage or home to your meeting place each month. Why not get organized and make it easy?

Get a large piece of luggage with a handle and wheels, and fill it with those items that are regularly needed at your meeting. It makes organization and storage at someone’s home much easier, segregates group-owned materials, assures that all the needed supplies get to the meeting and the wheels and handle are essential for reducing lifting injury risks and improving ease of transport.

Looking for something a little more rugged? The Hershey Apple Core uses a Rubbermaid wheeled storage box. No compartments, but it takes a licking and provides lots of storage space. Other groups we know use similar non-wheeled storage boxes, but move them on a luggage cart .

Before buying, be certain to measure the back seat or trunk of the car you’ll be using, so that your choice fits easily with as little lifting as possible. No matter what selection you make, think safety first and convenience second.

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