Newest Edition of Breen’s Bungalow Video Series Shows Off iTunes 7

Christopher BreenThe new edition of Christopher Breen’s “Breen’s Bungalow” is now available for Mac User Groups as a resource for their meetings and membership CDs and DVDs.

This time, Chris gives us a tour of the latest features of iTunes 7. You might think you know all the new features in the hub of Apple’s digital media player, but we’re willing to bet that Chris will show you something that will make your listening and watching even better.

“Breen’s Bungalow” is a QuickTime video tutorial produced in conjunction with each issue of Macworld magazine. Special versions of “Breen’s Bungalow” are being made available to Macintosh User Groups to distribute to their members on CD or via hard drive copy, and/or present at their meetings. Even better, these special editions will not only include new content produced exclusively for user groups, but will also be of higher quality than any other versions available.

Chris and Macworld also makes portions of his “Mac 911” column available for publication in MUG newsletters exclusively through The MUG Center’s Newsletter Content E-mail List. You need to be a member of the list to receive the article and attribution information. A new edition is posted to the list the first week of each month, providing fresh and informative content for your group’s publication.

Breen’s Bungalow” is available to Mac user group leaders for use at their meetings and can be obtained by sending an email request with your group’s name, web site with current information and leader’s name (if other than the person requesting) to: [email protected]. You will receive the download information for the file, including attribution and distribution guidelines.

Because of bandwidth costs, “Breen’s Bungalow” can only be distributed to user group leaders.

YMacNotablesou can hear more from Chris about the return of Breen’s Bungalow, his affinity for Mac user groups and how you might be able to have him speak to your user group, on MacNotables #660.

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