Online Internet Radio Goes Dark in a Day of Protest

Dayofsilence 07-2
It is quiet on the Internet today. Not as in “peace and quiet,” with images of relaxation and content. The quiet is the deafening kind that comes crashing in when you’ve lost something important and might not get it back. And that’s exactly what may happen.

Today is the Day of Silence, a protest staged by the a long list of prominent internet radio stations and online music services to give us all a sample of what life could be like come July 15. That’s the day when a set of retroactive royalty rates kicks in and will effectively take much of the online music you enjoy offline…permanently. If that happens, the music you’re not hearing today from Pandora, HardRadio, Smooth Jazz and More,, MTV Radio, and a whole host of others will become the norm, since they won’t be able to afford the initial hit from the royalties that, under the legislation, have stacked up since January 1, nor the royalties going forward.

If this matters to you, and it should, then you need to go to to learn more, and find out how to contact your Congressional representatives before this can’t be stopped. You don’t have to sign up for anything or give an email address; just visit the site to learn how to support the countering pieces of legislation, The Internet Radio Equality Act, S. 1353 in the Senate and H.R. 2060 in the House. Your phone call, email, fax or letter can drastically help.

Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora, was the guest on MacVoices #774, talking about the situation, how it is unfairly penalizes online broadcasters of music, and how to most effectively communicate your feelings to your legislators. Listen, learn and act.

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