Posting to the Newsletter Content List

Posting to the Newletter Content list is easy!

First, you must be a member of the list. If not, your posting will be rejected. You can join the list here.

When you join you will receive a welcome message with the address to post to the list. That address is: [email protected]. We suggest you add that to your address book once you receive the welcome message.

Now you’re ready to post to the list! Review the guidelines on what is allowed on the list, take a look at the sample posting, and you’re all set!

Create a new message in your email program of choice, address it to the list, and title it with the title of the article you are about to post.

Paste the title, text and author of the article into the new email message.

Add whatever attribution information you or the author requires (notification of re-prints, any special guidelines for commercial reproduction, copyright notice, etc.).

Add information on any graphics which might need to accompany the article, and where they can be downloaded from.

Hit “Send!” You’ve just distributed your article to all the members of the list!

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