Prosoft Engineering Adds Campus Group Stop to New England MUG Mini-Tour

Prosoft Engineering

Last week we told you about the upcoming Prosoft Engineering‘s mini-tour of three Mac User groups in New England. A new date is added that deserves some extra attention.

Jennifer Bell of Prosoft has added a stop at the Woodward Macintosh Users Group (WoodwardMUG) on October 10, making it a two-stop day (she’s visiting Boston Macintosh that evening). What makes the appearance notable is the fact that WoodwardMUG is the group at the Woodward School for Girls, and focus on the Mac needs and interests of the students there. The presentation by Jennifer will not only be informative from a Prosoft product standpoint, but also provide the students with an outstanding example of women in the technology field, and serve as a terrific kick-off meeting for the group’s 2007-2007 year.

Prosoft’s complete upcoming user group appearance schedule now includes:

Look for presentations on not only Prosoft’s flagship products such as Drive Genius, Data Rescue and Data Backup, but also demos of software from the new JoeSoft line, including Jax and Klix.

Be sure to visit each group’s web site for details on time, location and visitor policies.

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