Prosoft Engineering Extends Special User Group Discounts

Prosoft Engineering
Our friends at Prosoft Engineering are offering a 25% discount on their entire product line to Mac User Group members.

Prosoft is dedicated to creating professional quality software designed to be easily used by both novice and expert users. Prosoft adopts the role of being data advocates, fighting to preserve data and prevent data loss.

Looking for presenters for your group? The Prosoft/JoeSoft team try to coordinate Mac User Group presentations whenever they can. E-mail them ([email protected]) regarding your event and tell them about your group, meeting schedule and/or upcoming events!

The current Prosoft product line includes:

Drive Genius 2
Drive Genius 2
Maintain, Manage and Optimize Your Hard Drive
MSRP $99
Is your computer running slower? Drive Genius 2 is the best disk utility for the Mac platform. Disk defrag, directory repair and repartition on-the-fly are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius 2. Optimize your drive with Drive Genius. Yes, this is the same product used by Apple at the Genius Bar to defrag your drive!*

*Part of the ProCare program offered by Apple Computer

Data Rescue
Data Rescue II
Emergency Hard Drive Recovery
MSRP $99
Do you have a corrupt hard drive or one that no longer mounts? DId you accidently delete files on your computer? Are other utilities failing to recover your data? Data Rescue II is the best hard drive and file recovery software for the Mac. Works even when your hard drive fails to mount or boot. Data Rescue is the most-awarded, most- used drive recovery software for the Mac. Data Rescue is even used by data recovery specialists, forensic recovery teams and IT groups worldwide. Data Rescue is easy to use deleted file and hard drive recovery in a box!

Data Backup 3
Data Backup 3
Easy, powerful and flexible backups
MSRP $59
Data Backup 3 offers you just the right amount of power, flexibility and ease-of-use to help you backup your computer fast. Data Backup 3 makes backing up easy, while still allowing you to set up what files you want to backup, saving you hard drive space.

Prosoft offers a 25% discount to all MUGs using the special MUG discount code.

To get the discount code, email The MUG Center with your group’s URL and current president and we’ll email the code back to you.

This MUG Center-exclusive offer is available to MUG members anywhere in the world, and is ongoing.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the special user group pricing for the Joesoft line of software, from the same great people at Prosoft engineering.

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