Prosoft Engineering Moves Up Most Frequent MUG Presenter List

Prosoft Engineering
When we tallied up the appearances for the “Top User Group Presenter awards, we always make it clear that our calculations are not to be interpreted as comprehensive, but are based on our surfing of MUG web sites and our interaction with groups around the world. The good news is that our numbers are pretty darn good. The bad news is that sometimes we do miss the mark.

In the case of Prosoft Engineering, we’re happy to report that we missed a substantial number of MUG appearances. Rather than the seven meetings we reported, Jennifer and Gordon Bell made a total of 19 in-person user group presentations throughout the country in 2006. That would move them up the list to third place, behind only Apple and Tropical Software.

Our congratulations go to Prosoft Engineering for their achievement and our apologies for missing the mark in such a big way.

To avoid future situations such as this, we invite all vendors to send us their user group schedules for inclusion in the MUG Event Calendar listings and the calculations for the 2007 Top User Group Presenter awards.

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