Save Your Members Money on .Mac

For many people, especially Mac User Group members, October marks the anniversary of their .Mac account…and an annual decision on whether to renew Apple’s $99 online service.

The latest updates that include the new Web Gallery, web site hosting options, an increase of 10 GB of online storage and more make .Mac even more valuable. Still, there’s no need to spend the $99 to renew your account.

Simply buy a boxed copy of “Apple .Mac 5.0” from Amazon for $78.99, select free shipping and, upon receipt, enter the Activation Key from the box in the renewal section of your .Mac account information online. Your update will go through on the expiration date and you will have saved $19.95 offer the list, automatic renewal price. Yes, it requires you to pay attention and get it done before your renewal date, but that’s $20…a 20% savings. Tell your members!

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